Full of musical surprises, lyrical twists and sonic turns, The Else is a full return to form for alternative rock legends They Might Be Giants, who started their illustrious career twenty-five years ago.

While The Else finally captures their notoriously talented live band in all their barnstorming glory, the complete effort is actually an electrifying mix of homebrewed sonic madness and studio mastery. Over a year and a half in the making and recorded on both coasts, the album was created in collaboration with LA producers the Dust Brothers (Beck, Beastie Boys, Hanson) and NYC engineer/producer Patrick Dillett (Mary J. Blige, David Byrne, Soul Coughing). The album is being released on the band's own imprint Idlewild, through Zoe/Universal. "Perhaps it's old fashioned to worry about making a full album really hold together as a musical experience, but that was our goal," explains TMBG co-founder Flansburgh from his Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment. "We were very lucky that we could approach this project without deadlines or release schedules hanging over our heads. We wanted to be sure this was an album that was our best effort from beginning to end and I am very excited to report I believe we've actually done it!"

They Might Be Giants were hardly relaxing by the pool while the producers polished the mix-during their retreat into the studio. The band also contributed a number of original songs to Neil Gaiman's "Coraline," an animated feature starring Dakota Fanning. They launched their free monthly podcast which has turned into an underground national favorite-routinely popping into the top ten on iTunes music podcast chart (one of the few non-broadcast related efforts to do so), with hundreds of thousands of subscribers participating. The band also continues to contribute music to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (where TMBG both wrote the orchestral music cues and recorded the Bob Mould-penned theme) and the beloved website HomestarRunner.com.