Initially, I didn’t like this show very much. Based on the story Colorado Kid by Stephen King, Syfy’s latest series follows FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose, a former cast member of ER and Brothers and Sisters, she also voiced Elena Fisher in the first Uncharted video game) as she moves into Haven, a mysterious small town in New England where quite a few people have abilities far beyond normal.

After tracking a fugitive to Haven, Parker decides to stay on and help the town deal with their unique problems while also investigating a woman who showed up there twenty years ago and bore more than a passing resemblance to Parker. She is backed up by local deputy Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) and local scoundrel Duke Crocker (24 veteran Eric Balfour).

For the first few episodes, I thought both Rose and Bryant were way too stiff and cold to be the least bit interesting. For Bryant, this could be explained away because his character feels no pain, so perhaps he was intentionally playing him as "cold" to show that he has issues showing basic emotions along with pain. Rose though, had no excuse. She just wasn’t good. Finally, in last week’s episode, both of the leads started to ease into their roles, stopped taking this all so seriously, and actually seemed to enjoy the absurdity of their respective situations. Meanwhile, Balfour has been good all along, playing his role as small town bad boy with a devil-may-care attitude and an arrogant smirk that would be insufferable if it were so funny.

And I’ve even liked the ways they prefer to resolve their bizarre situations. Instead of sending the super-powered (often unintentional) villains to the mercies of a justice system that would never believably convict them, they choose to let the boy whose dreams come true find a happier life with his adopted mom, or the woman who has a sexual side with looks that kill live out her life provided she spend one night a week chained to a lighthouse.

I’m not giving any guarantees, but if the show keeps up what I saw last week, it will definitely grow on me.