The Young And The Restless will feature a story promoting epilepsy awareness when longtime character Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy in an episode to be broadcast Monday, July 17, on CBS.

Emmy Award-winning Braeden, who has portrayed Victor Newman for 26 years, will record CBS Cares PSAs in cooperation with the Epilepsy Foundation, which will be broadcast Monday, July 17 and Tuesday, July 18 immediately following the episodes. The televised messages will give more information about epilepsy as well as a web address and telephone number to help viewers cope with the many issues that come with the condition.

Victor Newman's family and friends have noticed changes in his behavior since he and his wife were carjacked several months ago. As the once ruthless businessman turned over control of his company to his children and spent his time charming his wife with dance lessons, buying a new puppy and doting on his grandchildren, people chalked up his behavior to a new appreciation for life. But when blackouts and hallucinations are diagnosed as temporal lobe seizures, his family realizes that what they thought was a new and improved Victor is actually a man with an electrical disturbance in his brain due to an undiagnosed head injury sustained in the carjacking.