Last night, 'The X Factor' officially became the most unpredictable singing talent show we've ever seen.

Restless Road is going to win this show, it's been clear all along - but there were two that seemed like they could challenge the super country trio: Rion and Ellona.

These two girls with the titanic voices were poised to use pure talent to take on Restless Road and challenge them in a three-cornered battle on the last show.

Then last night happened and suddenly the two girls with the big voices (Rion Paige & Ellona Santiago) won't get to sing anymore. Won't get the chance to take on Restless Road in the final three. They didn't even make the final four.

It's hard to figure: Both were cruising until Rion's small blip last week and both came out and were just sensational on Wednesday night. Maybe America thought they were safe? Maybe they just ended up being forgettable on a double-performance night? Whatever the case, the only two contestants who seemed like real challengers on this show are now gone for good.

It's just impossible to expect anything on this show at this point. So take these power rankings with a shaker of salt.

Power Rankings:

1 (Rank Last Time: 1) - Restless Road

Not only have they been certain victors all year simply because they're the cute country boy band, but they're actually getting better every week and starting to sound like a real group - complete with good harmonies!

It's hard to see anything stopping them from coming out on top at this point.

2 (8) - Alex and Sierra

With Simon behind them, this hipster busking duo sadly has an actual shot at winning this. If America hasn't gotten sick of them yet, what's it going to take at this point? I just refuse to believe it though.

3 (5) - Jeff Gutt

This one-note singer has hung around this long on the strength of his ability to continue to sound like the lead singer of an 80s tribute band. There's not much more to him, so it's hard to see him overcoming competition that has him vastly outpaced.

4 (7) - Carlito Olivero

Somehow, Carlito stuck around after closing the show on Wednesday with his worst performance and then giving an absolute dud of a save-me performance on the results show. Maybe he can turn it around and get in the final three, but he's not going to win.