Diamond White Sang “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

LA Reid Said: When you went to the modulation, you brought it home.

Britney Said: Whitney would have been very proud.

Demi Said: That just tugged at my heart.

Simon Said: This proves dreams can come true.

The Verdict:

It’s sad that Diamond was brought back only to bomb in such spectacular fashion. She just doesn’t have the chops to take on Whitney Houston. Especially not her most emotionally charged song.

It wasn’t terrible. It was just competent with hints of awful. Those bad notes really stuck out when they were floating atop of a sea of boring and mundane.

She’s just a girl singing a woman’s song, and it certainly felt that way the entire time.

Grade: D+

Prediction: She’s so likable that I can’t see her being cast out right after coming back on the show.

Leopard Face Sang “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

LA Reid Said: The sum was less than its parts.

Britney Said: I thought you were a little rebel out there.

Demi Said: You’ve transformed into someone that you know that you want to be.

Simon Said: Anything recognizable about you from the beginning has just been thrown away, and this song choice was just horrible.

The Verdict:

Leopard Face certainly brings it in terms of her performance. I don’t think anybody in this competition commands the stage like her. She has so much confidence and poise out there. She was just meant to own it on a show like this.

Her vocals, however, are a mess once again. I don’t know why Demi continues to give her these rock songs with arrangements that play so fast and take away from LF’s ability to really belt. She’s just lost for 90% of the track and then shows a brief flourish every so often.

LF needs a soul song or a ballad like on her save-me song last week to show off her vocal range. Of course, that means she won’t be able to command the stage like she does so well.

The solution? “The Warrior” by the other Patty Smith. Let’s just hope she’s around to do that.

Grade: C-

Prediction: The unlikable Leopard Face just met her doom, I fear.

Carly Rose Sang “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars

LA Reid Said: That was really heartfelt. It was honest. I loved it.

Britney Said: I feel like you should have closed the show because nobody can follow that.

Demi Said: This is you in your element. I would watch this over and over again.

Simon Said: It’s such a huge improvement. You would have a hit with a song like that.

The Verdict:

This little girl just creeps me out, and the long dress from the scary forest isn’t helping matters at all.

I didn’t even really hear her vocals, I was worried all the furniture in my apartment was going to start floating amidst her demon spell.

What I did hear, was decidedly just okay. Like a little girl singing. Because, again, that’s all these kiddie competitors are.

Grade: C-

Jason Brock Sang “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly

LA Reid Said: I think you did an excellent job.

Britney Said: It’s way better, but it still feels like a Vegas lounge act.

Demi Said: I feel like LA hasn’t guided you in a way you are as an artist. It’s very predictable and cabaret.

Simon Said: I like you, but I don’t believe you could fly. You look like a singer in an Italian restaurant who’s working there and just decided to sing “I Believe I Can Fly”.

The Verdict:

Jason is doing himself no favors with his wardrobe choices. After last week, he should have been trying to shed the lounge singer reputation and tonight he comes out dressed like Tony Clifton. Not exactly, the best way to buck that stigma.

His other big problem is just his overall performance. He’s just so wooden up there. Like his suit is too tight and he doesn’t have a full range of motion. Nothing looks natural for him when he’s on stage, which is weird for somebody who seems so comfortable in his own skin.

With all that going on, it was hard to judge the vocal. It seemed like everything was where it should be from a singing standpoint, but coming out of Donnie Vegas with a girdle on, it just doesn’t work.

Grade: D

Prediction: He’s likeable for sure, but he got ripped by the judges way worse than anybody else. I think that could be it for him.


The Artists Formerly Known as 1432 Sang “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

LA Reid Said: I was impressed with your singing.

Britney Said: I was really impressed.

Demi Said: I’m so excited to see what you do next week.

Simon Said: I think there’s something incredibly exciting about your potential.

The Verdict:

Here’s their formula:

Sit on stools and sap all the energy off the stage.

Start with a god-awful solo sung by somebody who sounded like she was auditioning to be the female Bugs Bunny.

Sing a terrible harmony.

Have a second solo by a much stronger singer who clearly should have led off the song.

Go back to your terrible harmony.

Have somebody belt like a singer who’s trying to pull focus at an audition.

And end with bugs bunny girl.

Not exactly what I’d call a winning formula.

Grade: D

Final Thoughts:

With no real standout on either end of the spectrum, it’s a bit wide open.

Other than Emblem3, the certainly safe are probably Arin, Tate and Carly Rose. The praise was just too glowing from the judges and they did well enough by themselves to get through.

Then it becomes muddy with a whole lot of dreck mixed in with a lot of boring and forgettable. How is one to decide?

I think it’s going to come down to my two favorites: Jason and Leopard Face. Jason because the judges hate him and Leopard Face because America hates her.

In the end, I think the judges will have their way and Jason will go down.

That’s a very tenuous prediction, though. This is really anybody’s night to lose.


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