Yellow House Canyon Sang: "Hell on Heels" by Pistol Annies

Kelly Said: I love you guys and I think you have such great energy.

Demi Said: I believe Tatum has a better voice. Christie has to work on her vocals.

Simon Said: You're not the best singers in the world, but you do bring an energy.

The Verdict:

Country group number two definitely isn't as good as the first. Individually, neither can sing. They're fine for karaoke but as actual singers they don't make snuff with very weak voices that do nothing but semi-twang.

The problem is exacerbated when they attempt to harmonize. Strangely, they actually do manage to sing a type of harmony, but the voices that which they sing are so bad, that they're just harmonizing one non-singer on top of the other.

Like singing a round in 4th grade.

Grade: C-

Result: GONE

Forever In Your Mind Sang: "Lovebug" by The Jonas Brothers

Kelly Said: Too much of the cuteness outweighing everything else. They're missing a lead singer.

Paulina Said: I am not blown out by your performance.

Demi Said: I think it was the wrong song for you guys.

Simon Said: The song wasn't the good idea. We need a lot more work on the vocals.

The Verdict:

Wow. These kids got it all. They're cute. They got style. They can move on stage. Everything a young singing group needs.

Except they can't sing. Can't sing at all. Off-key, woefully flat, pitchy, no sense of rhythm, just every vocal problem there is.

If these kids could sing they mighta won the whole damn show. As it stands, they'll have to join Stone singing in front of their One Direction posters.

Grade: D

Result: GONE

Good News Sang: "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

Kelly Said: I felt like you guys could be giving more.

Paulina Said: I don't think you guys are ready.

Demi Said: I don't think you're ready right now.

Simon Said: This just didn't work in the slightest.

The Verdict:

It's hard to tell which was worse with these two hippie chicks. The complete inability to harmonize or their insistence on over-singing every inch of every note that came out of their mouths?

Well, the harmonizing was painful to listen to, but the oversinging was both painful to listen to and to watch as it came along with a lot of weird hand motions that are normally reserved for some sort of shadow theater.

So, it looks like the oversinging is the winner here. Though there really were no winners with Good News.

Grade: D-

Result: GONE

Alex and Sierra Sang: "You're The One That I Want" from 'Grease'

Kelly Said: I think you guys are so sexy.

Paulina Said: I belive in you guys as a couple and an artist.

Demi Said: I have to ask: What would happen if you ever broke up?

Simon Said: I really really like you. People are going to fall in love with you two.

The Verdict:

Another useless show tune on this show. This one charted so it's a little more forgivable, but still - what's with the show tunes?

And what's with turning this show tune into a Sara Bareilles song? And why does it work so well? Why is this insufferable couple making something that should be causing eye rolls in a coffee shop somewhere into the best performance of the night?

Is black white? Is light dark? Is wet dry? We're through the looking glass with these two, people. Be afraid.

Grade: B+

Result: SAFE

Roxxy Montana Sang: "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Kelly Said: I can see y'all did not come here to play no games.

Paulina Said: I did not expect that to be so tight and so so good.

Demi Said: I look around and see everyone on their feet. That does not happen very often.

Simon Said: We could make you incredible.

The Verdict:

Great song choice. Great arrangement. Really solid singers. There's just a bit of a push over the edge missing from the trio. It's clear that they've got the chops to be on this stage, but to transcend it is unclear.

Maybe they're just a little too show choir-y. A good show choir, but one nonetheless.

Or maybe there's a bit of an identity crisis going on? They can't quite decide between going full R & B or staying in pop.

Whatever it is, there's a little something missing - but they've got the ability to get that back and really flourish on this show.

Grade: B-

Result: SAFE

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