The Three Best Auditions


This was the cute little girl with the gigantic boots who looked like Luke's daughter from 'Gilmore Girls'.

She got two shots at the audition, which was a bit strange because her first little pop number wasn't half-bad, certainly better than about 40% of the acts they let go through. However, Simon's skepticism paid off when Khaya ripped into a version of 'I Put a Spell On You' that flowed with real, honest, smoky jazz that didn't seem like the normally forced tone girls love to whip out on these shows. She's something unique on the show this season and somebody Simon could lead to a win.

Tim Olstad

This was the guy who added some vibrato to his performance just because his mic hand was shaking like a fish trying to bet into Phil Ivey at the World Series of Poker.

Despite enough nerves to fill a spinal cord, Tim's voice was full and rich. Plus incredibly authentic. This guy wasn't just singing, he was totally feeling the song and made everything believable. Unlike the little kids who come on this show and sing love songs this guy has actually lived the life to pour his soul into the words and it was refreshing to watch in a field of technical robots and pop copycats.


This was the female football player show showed up in her jersey complete with shoulder pads. Oddly enough, that was actually a fashion statement in the 80s and early 90s. Think about that for a second.

Speaking of the early 90s, Lorie went back to 1993 and found herself some Whitney Houston to rock with a searing rendition of "I Have Nothing" that sounded ready for the radio. It's kind of strange that somebody so comfortable onstage and with such a dynamic voice hasn't found herself a touring backup singer and is instead earning a living on the gridiron, but here we are.

With pipes like that, her playing days may be over.

The Best of Simon

"It was like finding out Cinderella worked at the Playboy Mansion"

"It was like being in the dentist chair for three hours with no anesthetic."

"It was like watching something out of an 'Austin Powers' movie."

"Did you ever watch 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'? If they sang, that's what it would sound like."

"You should change the name of your group to 'Deluded'."

And one gem from Paulina...

"I don't know why you"

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