It's always weird when one of the most talented contestants on one of these singing shows goes home early and last night Khaya Cohen's exit added her to that dubious class.

Khaya's lack of popularity his hard to pinpoint. After all, the artist she most emulated - Adele - could not be more popular yet she bottom-threed after the second audience vote and bottom-oned the next week. With a big voice, ingenious tone and unreal range, Khaya seemed like a contender to win early on and now she's gone.

The show both suffers and is buoyed when somebody like her goes home. It's helped in that it adds to the unpredictably of these shows but losing her cool performances every week makes 'The X Factor' less exciting to watch.

The same can't be said for Tim Olmstad. Good thing to have that sad sack drip off the show. Even his speech for being in the bottom three was unbearable. "I've been through a lot with all the negative comments."

Yeah, it's been a real Vietnam for ya, Timmy. See ya later.

As for those who stuck around...

Power Rankings:

1 (Rank Last Week: 1) - Restless Road

Even the lads from One Direction didn't get the same volume of screams that the country trio earns every week from the kids in the crowd. They're just stampeding toward the win.

2 (2) - Rion Page

Still like the chances of this country girl to pull an upset. Being incapable of delivering a bad vocal will certainly solidify her ability to make a deep run and she may just take it in the end if she hangs around long enough.

3 (4) - Josh Levi

The ludicrously misplaced (by me) in last after week one now has a chance to win as he's become the non-threatening teen boy star that could actually beat three of them singing country. It's a stretch, but it could happen.

4 (10) - Lillie McCloud

There's a case to be made for her: She's a grandma and she can absolutely sing. Everybody loved Susan Boyle from 'Britain's Got Talent' and she's the closest thing this show's got to repeating that phenomenon. Of course, Susan Boyle didn't end up winning that show.

5 (5) - Jeff Gutt

The steady-rockin' man keeps hanging around and the fact that he didn't even bottom three after leading off the show demonstrates that he's picked up a bit of a following already. That should be enough to help him hang around awhile, but as the field gets shallower he'll soon be out of his depth.

6 (9) - Ellona Santiago

She keeps hanging around despite a complete inability to actually sing. Imagine if she improves, maybe she could win? Nah.

7 (8) - Carlito Olivero

A predictable bottom-two for Carlito who nevertheless gave us a great speech about how he'll be bottom two every week and come out fighting if that's how it's going to be. Not quite Little Timmy's war flashback. Don't think Carlito's going to fight his way to the top this year though.

8 (7) - Alex and Sierra

There's just no way in the world these two hipster poseurs could actually win is there? The world can't be that cruel.