Who decided to turn ‘The X Factor’ from a competition show into a reality show?

There’s a big difference between the two categories. In a competition show, almost the entire drama takes place within the competition. We only ever really see the “characters” in the midst of the competition bet it cooking, singing or amazing racing – that’s a competition show.

‘The X Factor’ seems dedicated to pulling away from that thus far. Almost half the show is dedicated to the judges getting ready or “unscripted” banter between the contestants waiting in line. I’m not sure why they don’t understand that we dig watching singing more than talking – otherwise we’d be watching something else.

There was some singing, however. Here’s the Bad and the Good from last night:


Willie Jones

Kid and play haircut with the acid-washed jean jacket to match who went all country with a voice that was annoying and almost a mockery when he went low and not really present at all when he dropped out of those basso profundo notes. He was either singing along to the radio or making fun of how deep somebody’s voice was. Those were his two moves. Despite that, the judges loved him. I think they were hypnotized by the hair.

Kelvin McManigle

This was the old mutton-chopped cowboy who was just basically a joke. You couldn’t understand what he was singing or even saying, he was clearly just a goof. I don’t like this stuff – it’s much funnier when they actually seem sincere, like they have some talent. When it’s this, it just may as well be watching drunks at a party.

Kristen Colon

This was the incredibly nervous tatted-up girl who the judges forced to leave and come back.

The weird thing is that I really liked her rendition of the Adele song. She seemed totally connected and her voice was clear and compelling.

Then she came back and absolutely butchered “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. A shrill and squeaky rendition that the judges let go on far too long only to have it interrupted by a thunderclap from on high.

This led to a legendary meltdown that saw Kristen threatening people with steel chairs like a WWE wrestler and ultimately run out into the storm with no apparent destination or strategy.


Julia Bullock

This was the gorgeous rocker chick who fronted a band who didn’t seem to understand that if she became famous, she could be the lead singer of their band. Or they could back her on tour. Can’t fix stupid.

Anyway, she had a very groovy and spaced-out rocker voice with just the right hint of jazz on the edges. The look and overall vibe totally matched her vocals.

Hallelujah Guy

Jeffrey Gutt was the guy with the adorable kid who was so nice that somebody in line told him that he’d choose him to beat him if it came down to it. In a moment that wasn’t scripted at all. This guy had a soaring rock voice that was absolutely meant for the arena. Like the lead singer of Live without all that annoying being the lead singer of Live business going on. A total rocker, but one with the soul voice to sing anything.

So far, he’s the one to beat.