Usually makeovers are a good thing, but these celebrities tried on a fresh look and couldn't pull it off. In some cases, these fashion blunders were impossible to look good in, anyway. Here are the worst celebrity makeovers of 2010.

Bieber-fied: Tom Brady had a good thing going with his short hair-do. For one reason or another (and these have ranged from his wife making him grow out his hair to trying to hide a bald spot), Brady sported a Justin Bieber-esque coif for quite some time. Now, he just has long hair - but who knows if he will ever cut it? 

Billy Goat: Remember when Brad Pitt rocked that scraggly goatee? We wish we didn't. Still, he tried out the bum look for a while before trimming it off - probably for a movie role. However, wearing baggy leather pants looks bad with or without facial hair.

Pants-less: Its feels like we saw Miley Cyrus more than often without any pants on - and that was before her 18th birthday. Who knows what she will do next? We hope it doesn't include a leather bra.

Blondes Have More Fun: Katherine Heigl couldn't decide on a hair color this summer, and for a few weeks she went brunette before transforming right back to a blonde. Perhaps people didn't recognize her?

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