In one of the fine elements that make up Hip-Hop - Djing - DJ Wonder has managed to link a vibrate glaze of perfection through the ears of true Hip-Hop heads followed with head nods that reaffirm the DJ's skills on the tables.

Listening to his playlist at trendy night spot Manor in Manhattan, the sea of club goers joust back and forth on the floor while others sit on cushy sofas in induced states of sedation while pulling back on apple martinis and Hennessy. The journey through Wonder's world is a throwback to '80's and '90's music trickled with new Hip-Hop and R&B.

Adamantly wanting to bring the New Jack Swing feel back to the game is nothing short of daring and ambitious. He follows these attempts every Monday from 2-3 a.m. on his Sirius Radio show properly called The Wonder Years. The show is filled with salutes to De La Soul, Dead Prez and Black Star, and if you want more you can get your second and third fills of him on Shade 45 shows "The Cipha Sounds Effect" and "Lip Service" with Angela Yee and Leah Rose as the producer.

Check him out:

Story by Seneca "The Beast" Doss
Starpulse contributing writer