In this episode, new drama ensues when Dave & Tony's friends come looking for them; Rick learns about the threat Shane truly represents.


Lori awakens in her overturned car as a walker tries to pry his way into a hole in the windshield.

At the bar, Rick and Glenn scavenge weapons and ammunition from the bodies of Dave and Tony when they suddenly see headlights. The two of them and Hershel duck for cover and hear the voices of three men approaching the bar, calling for Dave and Tony.

Lori struggles with the walker, finally wrenching her wiper controls free and stabbing them into its eye. She emerges from the car only to be attacked by a second walker, whom she shoots in the head.

At the farmhouse, everyone is sitting down to dinner when the group realizes that Lori is gone.

Rick, Glenn and Hershel try to make a run for their truck but hear gunshots. The three men approach the bar, but Glen pushes the door shut as they try to open it. The men yell in that they're looking for Dave and Tony. Rick yells back that they drew guns first, and there was nothing else to be done. The men open fire on the bar.

Carol finds Daryl and tells him about Lori; he says Lori must have gone out by herself. Shane immediately heads out to look for her.

Rick sends Hershel to the back door to cover Glenn as he tries to get to the car. Glenn is clearly nervous about the plan, but heads out with Hershel behind him. One of the men shoots at Glenn; Hershel takes him down. Glenn appears to be hurt, but it turns out he isn't. As They try to make a run for it, they're met by more gunfire. One of the men is on the roof of the pharmacy, sniping. His friends pull up and tell him to jump down; he doesn't make it and is impaled on a railing. A large group of walkers surround the area, attacking the man Hershel shot.

The three approach the sniper whose leg is impaled on a railing. Hershel is in favor of putting him down, since the odds of him surviving the injury are slim. They decide to amputate his leg, but the man doesn't want them to. As a huge group of walkers closes in, Hershel prepares to amputate using Rick's knife. In the end, there isn't time, and Rick impulsively yanks the man's leg swiftly upward, freeing it from the railing.

Shane arrives at the scene of Lori's accident and sees she isn't there. He drives down the road and eventually finds her. He tries to get her to go back, but she insists on finding Rick first. Shane tells her Rick and the others are already back at camp, safe and sound. Lori goes with him.

At camp, Carol decides to keep an eye on Daryl. He expresses his anger at Carol's behavior regarding Sophia, and Carol allows him to vent.

Lori and Shane arrive back at camp and she finds that Rick hasn't acutally returned. She is furious, but Shane insists that he did it to keep the baby safe. Carl overhears and asks why Lori didn't tell him she was expecting. Lori looks daggers at Shane.

In the house, Lori tends to her wounds and apologies to Carl for not telling him she was leaving and also for not telling him she was pregnant. Shane comes in and insists on talking to Lori alone. He says he had to lie to her to get her to come back with him. Lori is furious that he has lied again, after lying about Rick being dead as well. Lori also confronts him about Otis, saying he hasn't been the same since. Shane says what happened with Otis happened because he loves her. Lori says she told Rick that she and Shane were together before he was found to be alive. Shane seems distraught at this. Shane insists that what the two of them had was real, that it was the only good thing in the world at the time; Lori insists that it wasn't.

At dawn, Beth's state is still the same. Andrea comforts Maggie at Beth's bedside. She assures Maggie that Rick and Glen will get her father back safely.

Andrea decides to go find Rick, Glen and Hershel along with Shane and Daryl; Dale tries to talk her out of it. He says Shane has lost people before, and he doesn't really want Rick or Hershel back so he can have everything he wants with no one to protest.

Just then, Rick drives up. The group notices the extra person in the backseat. Hershel performs surgery but announces that Randall will probably have nerve damage. Rick says that once he's healed, they'll give him some water and drive him away from the farm and let him fend for himself. Shane starts mouthing off, and Hershel makes it clear to him that he needs to put up and shut up if he wants to stay on the farm.

Maggie asks Glen why he's acting strangely. He says that instead of defending the group at the bar, he hid to protect himself from being hurt or killed and thereby hurting Maggie. She is touched, but Glen pushes her attempt at affection away.

Hershel evaluates Beth and decides to give her a sedative. Maggie is upset when she realizes that he's been drinking.

Andrea has a talk with Shane about using a "lighter touch" - he's making the right calls, he's just going about it the wrong way. He is worried that Rick and Hershel will endanger the group by letting this newcomer in and then letting him go.

In their tent, Lori tells Rick they need to talk about Shane. She tells him that he thinks the baby is his, and that he lied to her to get her back and threatened Dale. She also mentions that he may have killed Otis because of his love for her. Rick tells her that he did some killing of his own for her safety and the baby's. Lori makes it clear to Rick that Shane thinks she is his and the baby is his and that Rick can't protect them.