In the mid-season finale, secrets come tumbling out about Hershel's farm and its inhabitants.


At Hershel's farm, the group somberly makes breakfast as Maggie looks on from the farmhouse porch. Glen announces abruptly that the barn is full of walkers. The group heads for the barn, peeking inside to verify Glen's story. Shane heatedly confronts Rick about dealing with the situation or leaving, but Rick is reluctant since Sophia hasn't been found. Shane insists that Sophia is long gone. Rick begs for the opportunity to discuss with Hershel. Dale reveals that he already knew about the walkers in the barn, but didn't say anything. The walkers, aroused by the screaming, beat against the barn door.

Glen tries to talk to Maggie, who is upset that Glen told her father's secret to the group. She smashes an egg on his head and walks away.

Carl tells Lori that he isn't leaving until they find Sophia, and he doesn't want to leave even after that. He wants the farm to be their home.

Carol finds Daryl in the barn and tries to convince him not to go back out looking for Sophia; he needs to heal up. She confesses that she's beginning to think that they won't find Sophia and she doesn't want to lose Daryl, too. It upsets Daryl that Carol is giving up hope and he storms off.

Glen takes a turn keeping watch atop the RV. Dale finds Andrea loading her gun to go out on watch with Dale. He warns Andrea to be careful around Shane. When Andrea leaves, Dale asks Glen to get him a glass of water and uses the opportunity to gather up the guns.

Rick finds Hershel eating lunch in the farmhouse and tells him they know about the barn. Hershel says he doesn't want to discuss it and asks Rick to take his group off the property by the end of the week. Rick tries to explain to Hershel that the "people" in the barn aren't going to get better and that sending a group of living people out into the wilderness isn't morally right. The world has become much worse since the last time Hershel heard reports or saw what was happening. Rick tells Hershel that Lori is pregnant. Hershel insists that he's made up his mind and that Rick has to leave.

Shane tells Rick that they either need to clean out the barn or they need to leave the farm. Shane starts to argue, and Rick blows up and tells him that Lori is pregnant. Shane is stunned.

Hershel tries to justifies his decision to Maggie, that he kept his promise to make sure Karl was well. She tells him they're to love one another has he told her once long ago, and reveals that she was attacked by a walker the day before on a pharmacy run with Glen. Just then, Jimmy runs in, telling him "it happened again." Hershel goes outside and asks Rick for his help with something.

Shane finds Lori and tells her he knows about the baby. He says Rick isn't cut out for the way the world is now and that he can't keep her and Carl safe. Lori protests, but Shane insists that the baby is his. Lori tells him that even if the baby is biologically his, it will always be Rick's, and there's nothing he can do to change that.

As Shane walks off, Carl tells him that he doesn't agree that Sophia is dead and that they still have to find her.

Shane heads for the RV and discovers that all the guns are missing. He knows immediately that Dale is behind it and heads off to find him.

Hershel leads Rick and Jimmy to the marshy woods near the farm where two walkers have become stuck in the mud, two walkers whom Hershel knew personally. He asks Rick to help take them to the barn. He insists that if the group is going to stay on his farm, they will abide by his rules and views on walkers; he still regards them as ill people who can be healed.

Daryl shows Carol a Cherokee rose near the farm; he sees it as a sign that Sophia will be found. He apologies for getting upset earlier and says he still believes Sophia is out there. Carol seems confident that they'll find her daughter.

As they round up the walkers using livestock tools, Hershel says that Otis was usually the one who would find walkers and put them in the barn. They head back.

Glen tries to talk to Maggie again. She is still upset that he told the group about the barn, and she's afraid her father will kick him and his group out. Glen says that he told the secret because he doesn't care whether the walkers are sick or dead, they are dangerous, and he doesn't want Maggie to be in danger. They reconcile.

Dale heads to the woods to hide the group's weapons; Shane finds him. Dale confronts him about what happened with Otis, accusing him of shooting him, and Shane is coy. He demands that Dale give him the guns, but Dale pulls a rifle on Shane and threatens to shoot. Shane calls his bluff and takes off with the guns.

Andrea and T-Dog arrive at the farmhouse asking where everyone is - they were supposed to go out looking for Sophia hours ago. Shane approaches with the guns; Maggie is furious. Shane hands Carl a gun and tells him to keep his mother safe. Lori takes it out of his hands. Just then, Rick and Hershel return with the walkers. Shane explodes, screaming about walkers having killed Amy, Otis and others. To prove his point, he fires bullets into the walker's torso; she keeps moving. He finally fires a bullet into her head.

Shane rants some more about the risks they've been living with and breaks open the barn door. The walkers start running out, and Shane, Andrea, Daryl, T-Dog and Glen begin shooting them one by one. As the bodies pile up outside the barn door and the flow of walkers stops, everyone relaxes. Dale arrives, bewildered.

Just then, one last, tiny walker emerges from the barn: it's Sophia, with an enormous wound on her shoulder. Carol tries to run to her but is held back by Daryl. As Sophia starts to pick her way through the bodies toward the group, Rick realizes what he must do. He looks into Sophia's face and fires his pistol into her skull.