In the mid-season premiere, Rick's group and Hershel's family deal with the aftermath of their grisly discovery; Rick meets some new "friends."


Rick stands over Sophia's body as Daryl tries to comfort a hysterical Carol. Hershel is beside himself. Beth finds her mother's body in the pile and flips her over. Beth's mother, Annette, isn't dead yet, and attacks. Andrea puts a pickaxe through her head.

Shane confronts Hershel over Sophia having been in the barn while the group members were trying to look for her. Hershel says they didn't know she was there; Otis may have put her there before he was killed. Hershel orders the group to get off his land.

Rick, furious, confronts Shane about his outburst. Shane tells Rick he is just as delusional as Hershel for agreeing to go along with Hershel's theories on walkers.

Glen asks Maggie again if he knew Sophia was in the barn. She doesn't answer.

Carl tells Lori he always thought he'd be the one to find Sophia and that she'd be ok, but he says his dad did the right thing by shooting her - he'd have done it himself.

Andrea insists they have a service for the loved ones who were killed that day. Lori says to dig graves along the edge of the field and to burn the rest of the bodies.

Rick is hard on himself for the mistakes he made in the hunt for Sophia.

Shane gets upset at Dale's constant scrutiny and starts ranting about the things he's done to keep the camp safe. Dale says nothing; Shane drives the truck over to where the group is digging graves.

Lori and Daryl try to get Carol to come to the burial ceremony, but she refuses.

In his bedroom, Hershel gathers his late wife's things and packs them into a suitcase. In a drawer, he comes across a flask.

Alone in the woods, Carol finds a Cherokee rose and tears the plant to shreds.

Andrea and T-Dog load bodies into the truck. Dale is still upset about how the incident was handled, but Lori says there's no use arguing because it's done.

In the farmhouse, Beth collapses suddenly into a state of shock. They put her in the bedroom, but can't find Hershel. In his bedroom, they find that Hershel had been packing his wife's things; they also find the flask. Maggie tells them that he gave up drinking when she was born and never even allowed liquor in the house. Rick has a hunch that Hershel went to the town bar and heads out to look for him. Lori protests, but Rick says that his motives run deeper than Hershel's wellbeing: they need him for the baby's eventual birth.

Shane washes himself at the water pump when Carol ocmes out of the woods, her arms dirty, cut and bruised. As Shane washes her, he gives her his condolences and pours out some of the things that have been weighing on his conscience.

As Dale and Lori leave the farmhouse, Dale tells her that he thinks Shane killed Otis. His theory is that Shane sacrificed Otis - shot him and left him for bait - though he can't prove it. Dale is afraid that sooner or later, Shane will kill somebody else.

Rick and Glen drive into town, and Glen reveals that Maggie told him she loved him before he left, but he didn't say it back. He confesses that he knew Lori was pregnant; Rick isn't upset.

Beth's illness is growing worse, and Lori approaches Daryl to run into town for her and bring Hershel and Rick back. Daryl is insulted by the suggestion, saying he'd already done enough to look for Sophia when nobody else cared.

Rick and Glen find Hershel at the bar in town, nursing a drink. Rick tells him about Beth's illness, and Hershel thinks she needs to mourn as she should have done much earlier.

Lori heads out in a car with a pistol and map. she's distracted for a moment, and when she looks up again, a walker is right in front of her car. She swerves to miss it, and loses control, flipping the car and crashing into a ditch.

Back at the bar, Hershel initially seems upset by Rick, but it eventually comes out that he's come around and agrees that the walkers can't be cured and are dangerous. When he witnessed Shane shooting walkers and they kept moving and when Sophia left the barn, he realized the truth and that there is no hope.

Just then, two men walk into the bar. They introduce themsleves as Dave and Tony and establish the fact that they are armed. Dave talks about being driven out of DC and hearing stories about different refugee camps that never materialized. Rick says they were planning to go to Fort Benning, and Dave says they ran into a soldier who told them the area was overrun by "lamebrains." He asks if Rick's group is staying somewhere else and Rick is evasive. Dave asks if it's safe to set up around here, and Glen says he's killed a few walkers in the area.

Dave continues to press for information as Tony walks into a corner of the bar to urinate. Rick, clearly annoyed, cuts Dave off and tells him no firmly. Dave hints at some of the violent acts his group has committed to get where they are, but Rick stands firm. Tony starts shouting that he'll shoot them all in the head, but Dave calms him down. Dave hops behind the bar and starts pouring himself a drink. Rick reaches for his gun, but Dave puts his pistol up on the bar to show he won't shoot. Suddenly, Dave reaches for a hidden gun, but Rick is quicker. He shoots Dave and Tony both.

Back at camp, Shane, Andrea and T-Dog set the pile of walker bodies aflame with kerosene.