Well those who complain about too much talking on The Walking Dead were certainly in for a treat tonight. Personally, I’ve never really understood the complaint that there was too much dialogue and character interaction as opposed to constant violence. If you want to just see zombies on top of zombies on top of more zombies, you might as well just play a video game. But “Internment” was certainly something that both action lovers and those who enjoy character development could appreciate, at least a little bit.

The biggest part of the episode concerns Hershel’s quest to keep his charges in quarantine alive as the group waits for Daryl and the others to come back. For the most part he’s doing an okay job. While three people have died since the last episode, for the most part people still have beating hearts, despite their bloody coughing. However, time is running out for them. The episode doesn’t feel like it has much of a ticking clock, especially compared to last week’s tense episode.

More of the tension, especially at the beginning, has to do with Hershel’s internal conflict. When one of the quarantined people dies, he puts them on a gurney and wheels them away to get knifed in the brain. (Rather, he gets one of the bloody coughing sick people to do it.) He claims to be protecting the others from seeing it, but really it’s all self protection. Hershel can’t stab a dead guy while looking at him in the face. Even in the midst of the fight, he lures the female walker away from the view of children to kill her. Why is this so important to him even in the midst of fighting? Does he not want to be seen as a killer or are his morals still rigidly straight?

An innocent mistake from Hershel leads to walkers roaming the cell block and killing more people. Out of all the dead people tonight, only Doctor Caleb was an actual character. (If he was any good at being a doctor, maybe Hershel wouldn’t have been the only one taking care of everyone.) Just as the action dies down, Daryl and the rest return with the medicine in hand. So, Glenn and the rest are saved and the sickness storyline is over and done with.

The plot line that will continue on will probably center on Rick’s decision about Carol. Rick only reveals what he did to Maggie and Hershel so far. Maggie agrees with his decision, but doesn’t think she’d be able to do it herself. Rick disagrees, telling her that she’s done harder things. We don’t get to see Hershel’s reaction to Rick’s news. That makes me think that he wasn’t so agreeable to that decision. Daryl doesn’t get the news at the end, but he certainly won’t be at all happy.

Good thing that’s the only thing they have to worry about…

Oh yeah. The Governor is back. He lurks outside the prison like a big ol’ loser. I’m sure he’s there to just hang out.

Other Musings:

  • Hershel gives Lizze the “job” to read Tom Sawyer by the end of the night. Zombie apocalypse happens and you still have to do f*cking homework.
  • Speaking of Lizzie, she continues her streak of being creepy as all hell. When “Henry” the guy with the ventilator turns into a walker, she lures him away from the unconscious Glenn with the call of “come on, boy” like he’s a dog. This is going to be a character who refuses to learn until she dies.
  • The other major plot line was about Rick finally accepting Carl as a partner in the responsibilities of the walker-filled world. They try to put posts up on the fence, but fail miserably. The fence falls and the walkers back it into the perimeter Together, they end up killing a couple dozen walkers on their own.
  • Carl:  “Dad, you can’t keep me from it… from what always happens.” Rick: “Yeah, maybe. But I think it’s my job to try.”
  • Everybody basically dies horrifically and drowning in their own blood, as Carol predicted.
  • Hershel is not happy that they have to burn the bodies instead of burying them. I would not be okay with eating food from the farm if it was that close to a cemetery.
  • A walker grabs Rick’s leg to trip him. Those walkers are such practical jokers.
  • Sasha to Hershel: “I don’t know if I’d be here right now if you weren’t so damn stupid” See, stupidity has its advantages.
  • Maggie was so badass in this episode.
  • Rick: “You shoot or you run. Don’t let them get close.” Such fatherly advice.
  • Hershel puts the ventilator that was in a walker’s mouth on Glenn. How does that not make Glenn sicker?
  • Lizzie plays in Glenn’s blood. This girl is gross as hell.
  • Daryl’s group gets back just in time to miss all the action. Just think if Daryl hadn’t stopped to bitch about the alcohol, they may have been back in time to save some of those who just died.
  • There’s a silent moment when Rick and Carl share some beans. Raw.