Last time on The Walking Dead: Andrea shot Daryl because she’s a hot-headed moron and Glenn discovered a horde of Walkers in the barn.  Also Lori is pregnant.

Carl and Lori feed some chickens.  Patricia feeds some chickens to the horde of Walkers.  What is going on over here?

Glenn tries to get Maggie to tell him why Hershel is keeping the Walkers, but she just tells him to keep a secret.  Dear, sweet Glenn is a horrible liar.  I predict he’ll tell Dale within 30 minutes.

Andrea apologizes for shooting Daryl.  Daryl is a much nicer person than I am and forgives her... on the condition that she never shoots him again.  Glenn pokes his nose into Lori’s pregnancy.  He tries to give her his food--he tells her that they

need to get vitamins and more food for the baby.  Lori tells Glenn to mind his own bee’s wax, but that’s not going to happen.

Rick, Shane and Jimmy continue to plan a search for Sophia.  Beth, Patricia and Carl try to talk Rick and Shane into teaching them how to shoot.  Carl even has his own gun, stolen from the RV!  Nice one, Carl.  Jeeze.  Lori doesn’t like it, but Rick convinces her. 

Glenn begs off gun practice to help Dale "change the spark plugs on the RV."  What did I tell you?  It hasn’t been ten minutes.  Glenn tries to pull an 8th grade girl classic: “what if your friend told you something and she made you promise not to tell, Daddy?” Dale isn’t having any of that, so Glenn spills both his beans: the Walkers and Lori’s pregnancy.  Glenn, what are you doing?  Walkers are one thing, but Lori’s an adult, and she’s already had one kid.  She knows how to handle a pregnancy.

Target practice!  Jimmy, the whitest of all white boys, holds his gun sideways.  T-Dog is all “what!” so he stops.  Andrea has great aim.  I still don’t think it’s a great idea to give her a gun, but whatever.  She also starts flirting with Shane.  Oh, Andrea.  That’s a bad, bad idea.  Dale confronts Hershel about the Walkers.  Hershel pulls the “we don’t shoot sick people” argument.  His wife and step-son are in the barn.  I mean, that’s sad, but dude.  Come on.  They’re walking corpses--it’s in the title of your TV show!


Hershel tells Lori that he’s basically counting down the days until they leave his farm.  You know, I don’t like Hershel very much.  Shane gives Andrea some tough love private shooting lessons.  How long before they start making out?  Anyone want to take a guess?  Lori confronts Rick about Hershel’s intent to kick them out.  Rick promises that he’ll take care of the group.  Pretty words, but if Hershel wants them to leave, he’ll find a way to make them leave.  Shane follows Andrea and apologizes. 

Dale confronts Lori about her pregnancy.  I have to admit, he has a gentle way of bringing up the stuff Glenn tells him.  Dale even knows that Lori was sleeping with Shane.  I swear, this man doesn’t miss a beat.  Lori admits that she’s afraid for this baby’s future.  Lori forgives Glenn for telling Dale.  She asks him to make a run into town to get some vitamins and such for the baby.  Glenn decides to take his new friend Maggie, who is incredibly angry that Glenn violated her trust.

At the store, a Walker attacks Maggie!  Glenn saves her life, the darling boy.  Andrea and Shane embark on a search for Sophia!  I guess I was wrong about their unresolved sexual tension, which is a first for me.  Ooh, one of the things Lori sent Glenn for was the morning after pill.  Lori, I hate to break it to you, but it might be a little late for that.

Shane and Andrea find a bunch of dead bodies, but no Sophia.  Ooh, they also find some Walkers.  Shane takes out them all single-handedly while Andrea fumbles to re-load her gun.  Andrea, get it together!  Finally she does and shoots one in the face, then another, then another.  Back at the farm, Glenn gives Lori some prenatal vitamins too.  He encourages her to make her choice with Rick (or with Shane). 

Aw, who called it?  Shane and Andrea, making out in the middle of the road.  At least they stopped the car first.  Meanwhile, Lori takes the morning after pill, then forces herself to throw it up.  Andrea and Shane return to the farm.  Dale, who sees all, tells Shane to leave.  Shane threatens Dale.  Come on, Shane.  Dale just wants to help!

Rick finds the morning after pill in their tent and confronts Lori.  Lori admits that she’s pregnant and that she threw up the pills.  Rick is supremely angry that Lori told Glenn before she told him.  He has a point.  Rick asks Lori if there’s anything else he needs to know about.  Lori tells him about Shane.  Rick gets really quiet.  Rick!  My heart hurts for you.  He understands why she did it.  I don’t know if that means he forgives her or not.

Whew!  What an episode!  Next week: Glenn tells more people about the Walkers in the barn and Carol admits for the first time that they might not find Sophia.  And then my DVR shut off, so we’ll all have to tune in next week for the mid-season finale!