We open with a flashback.  Before Rick woke up from his coma, when Shane and Lori and Carl were on the run from the Walkers, a crowd of people waits on the freeway.  Carol offers to share some food with Carl and Lori.  Carol’s jerk of an abusive husband (whose name I’ve forgotten because he’s such an abusive jerk) intimidates Carol into keeping the food.  Shane and Lori venture up the road to investigate.  Carl and Sophia start to make friends.  Helicopters fly over the highway. The ‘copters are dropping bombs on Atlanta--Lori fears for Rick’s life.

Real time: Lori wakes up, prepares for her day.  Carol suggests that everyone could pitch in and cook dinner for the Greene’s.  Carol tells Lori that she’s their unofficial First Lady.  That’s cute!  Rick and company organize yet ANOTHER search party.  All right, they’ve been looking for her for four episodes and I’m sick of it.  Can they just find Sophia already?  Meanwhile, Glenn puts the moves on Maggie, but she’s not really interested. 

Instead of looking for Sophia, Shane and Rick spend their time hiking through the woods talking about girls they nailed in high school.  Nice. Shane thinks it’s idiotic to continue to look for Sophia too.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with Shane!  Meanwhile, Daryl, tracker extraordinaire, finds a waterlogged doll in a creek.  Is it Sophia?  Before Daryl can fully investigate, his horse shies and throws him off a cliff, into a river.  In the struggle, Daryl stabs himself with one of his crossbow bolts.  Good job, Daryl.  Haven’t you ever heard of the buddy system?  Jeeze.  Daryl manfully pulls himself from the water and treats his stab wound.  He takes stock of his location, which is basically the bottom of a relatively high canyon, with no horse.  Daryl retrieves the crossbow from the river. 

Back at the farm, Glenn presses into Lori’s personal business and pries into her pregnancy.  Daryl continues to try to survive.  Rick tells Lori that Shane wants to call of the search for Sophia.  Hershel is starting to lose patience with Rick and company.  I’m starting to lose patience with this episode, because NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

Daryl wakes up on the river bed and sees a hallucination of Meryl.  Meryl fills Daryl’s head with poison against the gang.  He points out that Rick and company aren’t his kin--no one will care about Daryl the way Meryl does (or perhaps did).  Daryl wakes up to see some Walkers about to feast on him.  Daryl!  Were you bitten?  Will I have to cry?  Why did I have to sit through 30 minutes of pointless talking before I got to watch some action?  (Are just some of the questions running through my head).  Rest assured, Daryl wasn’t bitten.  He does, however, take the opportunity to make a charming necklace of ears out of the Walkers he killed.  Thanks for that image, Daryl.  He slowly but surely climbs the cliff he fell down.  The Meryl hallucination stands at the top, taunting him.

At the farm, Lori and Carol cook dinner.  Maggie is cool with it, but Hershel is being a crotchety old man.  Jeeze, Hershel, cool it just a little, will you?  Speaking of crotchety old men, Dale is still a little squeamish about Andrea handling a gun.  Dude, she’s an adult.  Glenn decides to take the opportunity to ask Dale whether Andrea’s on her period, because he read about the phenomenon of synched up menstrual cycles.  Dale (rightly) encourages Glenn to never ask that ever again.  Dale goes all “dad” on Glenn and chastises him for sleeping with Maggie.  Come on, man, you’ve seen Maggie!  We’re living in the apocalypse!  You have to take it where you can get it.