When we last left our plucky zombie fighters, Shane used a not-quite-innocent-but-probably-still-nice man to save Carl's life.  Sophia is still missing, but Rick and his crew have found refuge with Hershel Greene and his family at their farm.

The gang rides up to the Greene Farm. Carl wakes up.  He’s alive!  He asks after Sophia, so naturally Rick lies through his teeth and tells Carl she’s fine. They bury Otis (also known as the idiot who shot Carl).  Shane feels ridiculously guilty that he basically killed Otis. Otis’ wife asks Shane to say a few words.  Shane doesn’t want to... but if he doesn’t than he’ll look like a jerk, so he does.  He makes up some heroic last words for Otis.  All in all, he makes both himself and Otis look like much better men, which is nice.

Maggie Greene shows Rick and some others a map she’s made of the area. They make plans to search for Sophia.  Rick is all gung-ho, but Hershel puts the kibosh on that because he’s donated so much blood.  To be honest, Rick kind of looks like death.  Hershel isn’t crazy about allowing guns on the property, so he makes all the men surrender their arms.  What!  I thought this was the South? Doesn’t everyone like guns?  Shane asks the question no one wants to answer: what if Sophia’s been bitten? Rick tells him to do what he needs to do.  Well we all know Shane has no problem doing that.

Awkward Shane/Lori moment. Shane asks Lori about Carl, which is practically the only conversation they can safely have.  Shane asks Lori if she meant it when she asked him to stay.  Lori tells him that she did. Oh Lori.  Your life would be so much easier if he left, you know. Maggie recruits Glenn for a job to scavenge more medical supplies. 

Daryl goes off alone to search for Sophia.  I like that he’s so into saving this little girl--it makes him more like a human and less like a random gross redneck.  Hershel decides to take an opportunity to remind Rick that this is just a way-station and as soon as Carl is moveable and Sophia is found they’ll be on their way. 

Lori gives Glenn a shopping list, including a single, discreet item that can be found in the “feminine hygiene section.”  I’m thinking tampons or a pregnancy test.  I’m hoping it’s tampons, because Lori’s life is complicated enough, am I right?  Dale and T-Dog pump water.  Dale realizes that the pump is connected to a well with a Walker trapped inside.  The Walker is all white and gross and water-logged.  It even grew gills!  You guys, that’s so disgusting.  They can’t kill it, for fear of contaminating the water further.

The Well Crew tries to lure the Swimmer (get it?  Because he has gills?) out with live bait.  Glenn, to be exact.  Shane is the one who lowers Glenn into the well.  Does anyone else see the problem with this?  No?  Just me?  I swear, if Glenn dies, I’m going to be so annoyed. 

SUDDENLY THE PUMP WHERE THEY TIED THE ROPE GETS RIPPED OUT OF THE GROUND AND THEY CAN’T STOP GLENN FROM PLUMMETTING FURTHER DOWN INTO THE WELL.  THIS IS REALLY STRESSFUL.  Wait, I have a question.  How are they planning to draw the Swimmer out without letting it bite Glenn?  I don’t think this plan was very well thought out. PHEW.  Glenn is pulled out of the well and aside from probably needing a change of pants, he’s good.  Oh!  Glenn somehow attached the Swimmer to the rope, so Dale can do some fishing.  Nice.

Daryl finds a cabin and enters it, SWAT team style.  You know, if it's empty, I bet our friends could move in there when Hershel kicks them out.  Daryl finds a little bed-nest-situation in a cupboard.  Sophia?  Meanwhile, our friends at the well use a horse to pull the Swimmer out of the well.  They pull just a little too hard, the Swimmer gets ripped in two and his bottom half falls into the well.  Then I throw up a little in my mouth.  Now the water is contaminated and Glenn risked his life for nothing.  Good plan, guys.  Good plan.

Carol, Andrea and Shane make their daily trek to the highway to see if Sophia has turned up.  She hasn’t.  Carol is done listening to “there’s always hope.”  I think she’s starting to lose hope, but I don’t think she’ll ever allow herself to say that she’s lost hope.  Shane tells Andrea what it’s like to shoot at a moving, hostile, homicidal target.  He tells her to turn off the switch that makes you scared or angry or sympathetic--because someone else is counting on you.  And then you have to forget. 

Glenn tries way too hard to impress Maggie.  Dude, you’re a city boy.  She’s a farm girl.  You’re never going to get her by playing the loner cowboy card, because odds are she’s dated like five of those men and she doesn’t want any more.  Be yourself!  They arrive at the drug store and stock up on supplies.  And... a pregnancy test.  For Lori.  Nice.  In his haste to hide it from Maggie, he picks up some condoms.  Maggie teases him about sex, and just as it looks like Glenn has dug himself in such a deep hole he will never recover... Maggie offers to have sex with him.  Aw, yeah.  It’s sweet, and a little hesitant, and a lot lonely.

Rick takes his pride in check and begs Hershel to reconsider and let them stay.  Hershel agrees, but only if Rick’s people respect his rules (that is, no guns).  Maggie and Glenn return, all cute and smiley and "I just had sex, you guys."  Glenn gives Lori her secret pregnancy test.  Daryl gives Carol a flower--a Cherokee rose.  He tells her a story, about when the Cherokee were driven down the Trail of Tears.  He tells her that lots of Cherokee children were lost, due to hunger and exposure and the like.  The elders prayed that the mothers’ spirits would be lifted up.  Daryl tells Carol that this flower bloomed for Carol.  And then I start to cry, like a lot, because Daryl is apparently the sweetest redneck in the history of the world and he might be my new favorite character.

Rick tells Carl that Sophia is missing.  Unpopular opinion: Sophia’s dead.  She’s so unbelievably dead.  And the worst part is that I really don’t care.  (That's the unpopular opinion part).   That night, Rick changes out of his sheriff uniform for the first time since the very first episode.  He puts away the uniform and his badge.  Whoa.  I think Rick is admitting that he’s not a cop anymore, that the world has changed and that he needs to put down his gun.

Lori takes the pregnancy test!  Oh Lori.  I do not envy your life for so many reasons. 1) You’re peeing in a field. 2) You might be carrying your husband’s best friend’s baby. 3) You’re living in a zombie apocalypse. I guess the only consolation is that you have the fastest pregnancy test known to man!  Because--you guessed it--she’s pregnant!  But who’s the father? Though to be honest, she now lives in a world without paternity tests, so that’s excellent.  All we can hope for is that timing is on her side.