Shane and The Idiot (I’ve already forgotten his name), run from the Walkers in the high school.  In a voice over, Rick tells Lori about the time Shane stole the principal’s car while they were in school, drove it three miles away and ran back in time to finish his lunch.  Rick tells Lori that Carl will be all right--that Shane will make it back in time.  In the RV, Daryl patrols for Sophia.  Andrea joins him. 

Shane and the idiot are cornered on the top of the bleachers in the gym.  The Idiot selflessly offers to get off the bleachers and give Shane cover while Shane escapes through a window.  Shane is a rock star and jumps out of a three story window while shooting zombies.  Unfortunately, he totally sprains his ankle.  But he’s clear for the moment.  Glenn and T-Dog arrive at the farm.  Glenn gets adorably tongue-tied around Maggie.

Hershel tells Rick and Lori that they can’t wait much longer--they have to decide whether to operate without the respirator or to wait.  In the woods, Andrea asks Daryl whether he thinks they’ll find Sophia.  Daryl (my new favorite character) doesn’t let the idea of failure even enter his mind.  He tells Andrea about the time he got lost in the woods, while his father was on a bender and Meryl was in juvie.  Meryl points out that he survived.  He points out that Sophia has people looking for her--people who love her.  

Lori tells Rick that this isn’t a world for children anymore.  She wonders whether it’s more of a mercy to let Carl die or to save his life.  Lori realized that the friends they’ve lost are in a better place because they don’t have to be scared about what’s going to happen next. It’s a beautiful monologue, and a beautiful scene.  Lori pleads with Rick to tell her why it would be better to save Carl’s life.

Shane is cornered.  The Idiot arrives and saves him, but they’re nearly out of ammo.  At the farm, Carl briefly wakes up, but he has a seizure.  Andrea and Meryl find a camp site with a Walker hanging from a noose and a suicide note.  Meryl wants to leave the Walker, but Andrea wants to put it out of his misery.  Meryl asks her if she still wants to life--Andrea trades him an answer for an arrow.  Her answer: she doesn’t know.  Meryl in unsatisfied, but he holds up his end of the bargain ad shoots the Walker.

At the RV, Dale and Carol can’t sleep.  Dale worries about Andrea, Carol worries about Sophia.  Dale leaves Carol the rifle and goes for a walk.  At the farm, Patricia stitches up T-Dog’s wound.  Maggie joins Glenn on the porch.  They discuss the existence of God.  Glenn tries to pray for the first time.  Maggie leaves him in peace. 

Rick tells Lori that there’s still beauty in the world--like the deer Carl was approaching before he got shot.  Rick points out that when Carl woke up he told his mother about the deer, not about getting shot.  Rick and the Idiot continue running from the Walkers.  Hershel tells Rick and Lori that Carl is slipping away--they’re almost out of time.  They have to choose between letting him slip away and die and performing the surgery--a surgery that Carl might not survive without a respirator and anesthetics.  Rick asks Lori what she wants to do--she chooses the surgery.  As Hershel starts to prep Carl, Shane pulls up in a truck with the respirator.  He tells them that Otis (the Idiot Who Shot Carl) is dead.  I know I should be upset about this, but I’m really not.  He was kind of a bumbling moron, and he shot a 12-year-old.

Back at the RV, Meryl and Andrea return.  Without Sophia.  Dale gives Andrea his gun.  He tells her that he withheld the gun from her because he cared about her.  Dale says that he realized that this wasn’t his gun and he was making a choice for Andrea--thus it wasn’t his choice to make.  He asks Andrea if she forgives him.  She tells him that she’s trying.  Maggie cries for Otis, which makes me feel sad that he’s dead.  Glenn asks Maggie who else she lost.  Crying, Maggie points out the pictures on the fridge and names her dead family.

Hershel tells Rick and Lori that Carl is stable.  Lori goes in to see him.  He looks like absolute death, you guys, but I guess he’s on the mend.  Lori asks Shane to stay.  Maggie gives Shane some clothes and directs him to the bathroom.  Shane remembers the events of Otis’ death.  Shane shot Otis in the leg and left him for the Walkers to eat so that he could escape with the respirator and save Carl.  Holy crap, Shane.  First you sleep with your best friend’s wife.  Then you try to rape her at the CDC, then you shoot a poor, bumbling fat dude so that you can save a child?  I mean, that part is kind of understandable, but come on, man!

All in all, nothing really happened this week, except that Carl is now out of danger.  Shane's still a jerk, Sophia's still missing, Andrea should probably still be on suicide watch and Lori is still scared about the future.  There were some good kills, but nothing that would qualify for Zombie Kill of the Week (if you'll let me mix my zombie media references).  I can only hope that next week will supply us with more actual action and forward-moving plot.  One can only hope!