Last week we left our gang of plucky zombie killers in a bad place.  Sophia is missing and Carl was shot.  We pick them up this week with a flashback. Lori is outside a school.  She talks with a friend about a fight she had with Rick. She blames herself for the argument.  Lori isn’t 100% sure that she loves Rick.  A sheriff car screeches to a halt in front of her.  It’s Shane.  He looks really, really sad.  Lori knows why he’s there.  She asks if Rick is alive and Shane tells her he’s in surgery.  Shane tells Lori that it was his fault, but Lori dismisses this.  Carl exits the school.  Lori tells him that Rick was shot.

Back to the present.  Rick carries Carl across a field.  Shane and the idiot who shot Carl follow.  The idiot tells Rick to run to the farm house and ask for Hershel.  Hershel and his family bring Carl and Rick into the house (after they verify that Carl wasn’t bitten by a Walker, of course).  Rick is going into shock.  Carl looks really bad, you guys.  He’s super white.  What if he dies?  I like Carl!  He’s adorable!  I don’t want him to die!  You guys!

Hershel and his family go to work, saving Carl’s life.  Shane and the Shooting Idiot run up to the house.  Shane remembers that best friends are supposed to do more than sleep with each other’s wives and cleans the blood off Rick’s face.  Hershel tells Rick that the bullet broke into fragments inside Carl’s body.

Lori, Daryl and the others are worried.  They heard the gunshot, but Lori knows that Rick and Shane would never risk a gunshot on one Walker.  Daryl brushes Lori’s fears aside and pushes them on.  Carol still worries about Sophia, even though her daughter is a complete idiot and ran away into the woods and is probably dead by now, let’s be honest.  Daryl shows his human side by refusing to entertain the thought that Sophia is hurt or dead.

Back at the RV, T-Dog is having a hard time.  His arm is infected.  No!  Not T-Dog!  He’s my friend!  Dale is trying to put a brave face on it, but it looks grim for our friend.  Maybe they’ll get him to the Wonderful Farm of Medical Supplies, where Hershel and his family are treating Carl.  T-Dog decides to speed up his death with a cigarette.  We’re all rooting for you, T-Dog, even though your name is silly.

Back at the Wonderful Farm of Medical Supplies, Shane and Rick have a heart-to-heart.  Shane tries to make Rick feel better, but he bumbles.  Oh Shane.  He needs a hug (but not from Lori).  Maggie, Hershel’s daughter (known to Supernatural fans everywhere as Bela Talbot and to Vampire Diaries fans as Rose, that vampire who got bit by a werewolf and died), calls Rick into the make-shift OR.  They need Rick’s blood for a transfusion.  Hershel takes out one bullet fragment, but there are still five left.  It’s slow, painful going, but Carl is a strong little kid. 

I’m getting Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman flashbacks, seeing this wild west surgery going on in the spare bedroom.  Rick is weak from giving Carl his blood, but he wants to go find Lori.  Shane refuses to let him leave Carl, but he offers to find Lori himself.  I have to say, it’s nice to see Shane behaving like an honest-to-goodness best friend.

Hershel tells Rick that Carl has internal bleeding, so Hershel has to put him under to do more extensive surgery.  However, they need a respirator to help Carl breathe while he’s under the meds.  Shane offers to go to the local high school, which was turned into a FEMA shelter.  Shooter Idiot (they mentioned his name, but I don’t care enough because I’m still angry that he shot Carl) offers to go with Shane.

Back at the RV, T-Dog decides to feel sorry for himself by accusing the rest of the group of thinking he and Dale are the weakest, because Dale is old and T-Dog is black.  T-Dog, you have a serious arm injury--that’s what makes you weak.  T-Dog is kind of losing it.  He wants to take Dale and the RV and just drive.  Dale refuses, because he’s my fourth grandfather and he’s awesome.  Dale gives T-Dog a handful of ibuprofen, because what T-Dog really needs right now is severe liver damage.

Meanwhile, the search party has decided to return to the RV.  Andrea gets attacked by a Walker, but Maggie, who is clearly Wonder Woman in disguise, speeds up on a horse and hits it in the head with a bat.  She picks up Lori and rides back to the farm.  She gives the others directions to get to the family’s farm.  Glen is in love.

At Hershel’s farm, he and Rick have a heart-to-heart.  The farmlands are serene and beautiful.  Hershel tells Rick that his wife and step-son were killed, but both of his daughters survived.  Hershel refuses to believe that there’s no cure for the disease.  He points out that humanity has been fighting plague forever, but we always bounce back.  Maggie and Lori ride up.  She falls on Carl’s body, crying.  Oh, Lori.  You’ve had a really terrible life.  I think you need a hug too (but not from Shane).

Lori tell Rick that Carl wanted to give Rick a blood transfusion while Rick was in the hospital.  This little boy, you guys.  He breaks my heart.  HAH.  Lori just called Otis (the shooter) “The Idiot Who Shot My Son.”  I’m so glad Lori and I are on the same page.  Hershel admits that he’s not a human doctor, but a veterinarian.  Lori asks if he’s in over his head.  Hershel calmly answers “ma’am, aren’t we all?”  So true, Hershel.  So true.

Shane and The Idiot (okay, okay, I’ll call him Otis) arrive at the high school.  It’s kind of overrun with Walkers.  They’re kind of screwed.  Back at the RV, the gang weighs the pros and cons of going to the farm or staying with the RV.  Carol wants to stay in case her idiotic daughter returns.  Daryl suggests staying with the RV until the next morning, so they can rig up a sign telling Sophia where they went and leave some supplies behind for her.  I don’t think they should hold their breath.

Oh my goodness, you guys, Dale just said “T-Dog could die, no joke.”  No joke.  T-Dog could die.  Daryl dips into his newly-found humanity and gives up his brother’s stash of drugs, including a supply of hard-core pain killers and some crystal meth.  Thanks man.  Meryl also had some first-class antibiotics (to treat the occasional outbreak of the clap.  You know how it goes).

Back at the Walker-ridden high school, Shane raids a police cruiser.  They use road flares to draw the attention of the Walkers away from the entrance of the school.  Quick like a cat, Shane and Otis run inside.  At the Wonder Farm, Rick worries that something went wrong at the farm.  Hershel and Lori try to talk him out of leaving, but Lori refuses to let him leave their son. 

At the high school, Shane and Otis stock up on medical supplies and a respirator for Carl’s surgery.  I have a sick feeling that they won’t be able to get out as easily as they got in.  Yup.  The Walkers have lost interest in the road flares and give chase.  Maybe Otis will get bitten?  I know it’s cruel to wish for such things, but he’s fictional, so I don’t feel as badly.  Shane and Otis break into the school and draw a metal barrier across the door to stop the Walkers from following them in.  They’re trapped like rats in a cage, and the barrier is about to give.  You guys, stuff just got real.

What’s going to happen next week?  If they don’t get the respirator back in time, Carl will die--no joke.  The only way to find out is to tune in next week!