The season two premiere of 'The Walking Dead' opens with Rick talking to Morgan on the walkie.  He brings him up to speed on what they learned at the CDC.  The group is moving on to Fort Benning, which is 125 miles away. The gang packs up and drives away. Daryl rides a super sweet motorcycle with high handlebars. In the truck, Lori talks about the time they went to the Grand Canyon, but Carl got sick in Fort Worth and they turned back. Carl asks to go again sometime.

In the RV, Shane teaches Andrea how to use the gun her father gave her and Amy before they left on their road trip. The group is stalled by a road block. Daryl tries to find a way around it. Glenn suggests a freeway bypass, but Dale says they can’t spare the fuel. They drive past cars filled with dead and decaying bodies.  The RV overheats and blows out.

The men want to scavenge from the cars around them, but Lori protests. It feels too much like a graveyard. In the end, survival wins out. In a sweet, father-like moment, Dale encourages Glenn to fix the car so he can learn something. Andrea retreats into the RV to practice cleaning and loading her father’s gun. Shane finds a truck filled with those huge plastic water dispensers. The glee is cut short--Dale and Rick spy an army of Walkers headed toward them. Rick sounds the alarm quietly. Everyone hides under the nearest car to wait for the Walkers to pass by. Andrea, alone in the RV, doesn’t have time to hide.

T-Dog slices his arm on a jagged piece of metal. It’s bad, and the Walkers can smell it. A Walker climbs into the RV, but Andrea hides in the bathroom. She tries to load the gun, but she drops a piece. The Walker hears her. Everyone ever in the entire universe stops breathing. Suddenly the Walker lunges.  It tries to push the door open. Dale, save on the roof of the RV, tosses Andrea a screw driver. Andrea attacks and kills the Walker with the screw driver. Daryl kills a Walker and hides himself and T-Dog under dead bodies. T-Dog is bleeding out, fast.

Suddenly the Walkers shuffle away. Slowly, carefully, everyone emerges from their hiding places. Suddenly a Walker appears and attacks Sophia. She crawls out from under the car and runs. Another Walker appears. Rick gives chase. Sophia, the Walkers and Rick run through the woods. Rick grabs Sophia and hides her in a small clave in a creek.  Rick draws the Walkers away. Sophia leaves her hiding place. Rick bludgeons the Walkers to death.

Rick, Daryl, Shane and Glenn return to collect Sophia, but she’s missing. Daryl finds Sophia’s tracks. Shane and Glenn return to the highway to keep everyone calm. Rick and Daryl follow Sophia’s tracks. Back at the highway, the gang siphons fuel from the cars and collect food. They have enough fuel to double back and take the bypass Glenn mentioned. Shane keeps everyone busy-busy-busy to stop Carol from worrying about Sophia.

Carl finds a hatchet and some other blades on a dead body. He takes them to Shane, looking for praise. Shane blows Carl off and tells him to take them to Dale. Lori confronts Shane about the time he tried to assault her at the CDC. Shane admits that he’s prepping a car to slip away quietly.

In the woods, Daryl shoots a Walker with his crossbow. There’s still no sign of Sophia. Rick finds skin under the dead Walker’s fingernails and flesh in its teeth--meaning it fed recently. Daryl cuts open the Walker’s stomach to find out what kind of meat it ate. This is, quite frankly, the most disgusting scene The Walking Dead has ever had, ever. In the interest of full-disclosure, I only watched like 10 seconds. The noises Daryl made were enough for me. Apparently the Walker had a woodchuck for lunch, not a little girl.

Dale has confiscated Andrea’s gun, and Andrea is supremely unhappy about it. Dale admits that he’s not comfortable with Andrea having a gun. Shane tells Andrea that the less loose guns that float around the camp, the better. Shane tells Andrea that since she’s untrained, she’s a liability.

Rick and Daryl return to the camp. Carol is frustrated and angry because Sophia is still missing. The next morning, Rick and Shane organize a search party. Andrea still has a bug up her butt and is itching to get her hands on a gun. Instead, Rick and Shane distribute the blades Carl found. Dale stays behind to repair the RV. T-Dog stays behind because he’s wounded. Carl talks his way onto the search party. This can only end badly--just watch.

Andrea confronts Dale about the CDC. She tells him that she wanted to stay behind and die in the explosion because after Amy died, she had nothing left to live for. She wanted to die on her own terms, not torn apart by a Walker. However, when Dale refused to leave her, she left because she didn’t want Dale’ blood on her hands. Dale is speechless.

During the search party, Carl continues to try to get Shane’s attention, but Shane is cold and distant. Daryl finds an abandoned tent. Sophia isn’t inside--just the long dead corpse of a camper. Daryl takes a handgun and sticks it in his waistband. He doesn’t tell the others that he found a gun. Suddenly the search party hears bells ringing in the distance. They investigate.

At the camp, Dale admits that he fixed the radiator yesterday. He’s delaying to give everyone time to find Sophia. The search party finds a church, but it doesn’t have a steeple or bells. Instead, they find Walkers inside. Rick and the others make short, quiet work of the Walkers. The bells ring again, but it’s not Sophia--it just rings the hour.

Andrea overhears Lori and Shane discuss Shane’s plan to leave. Carol prays in the church--she’s afraid that Sophia’s disappearance is God’s way of punishing her for praying for her abusive husband’s death. Andrea asks Shane to take her with him when he leaves. She tells him that they’re the odd men out in the group, but that she’ll look out for him. Shane tries to convince Rick to return to camp, but Rick won’t leave without Sophia. As a compromise, Shane and Rick decide to stay while the rest of the group returns. Carl wants to stay with Shane and Rick. Lori allows it.

Rick goes into the church and talks to the Crucifix. He prays for a sign that will show him he’s doing the right thing and moving in the right direction. Meanwhile, Lori confronts Carol and tells her to stop blaming Rick for losing Sophia. She tells them that if they think they can get by without Rick, they should try because no one is stopping them. There are no arguments. Andrea suggests that they keep moving.

Rick, Carl and Shane find a buck in the woods. Shane raises his gun to shoot it, but Rick stops him. Carl approaches the buck. Suddenly a shot rings out--the buck falls to the ground... and so does Carl. What? What? What just happened? You guys, someone shot Carl! Who shot Carl?