"I've been a sh!tty wife and I know I'm not winning any Mother-of-the-Year awards."

With these words, Lori Grimes finally gave voice to what many 'Walking Dead' fans have been thinking for the past two seasons.

As noted in last week's season three premiere, Lori is estranged from husband Rick and son Carl, who seem to be fed up with her manipulative, frivolous behavior concerning the twice-deceased Shane Walsh. In last night's episode, she made an attempt to admit her own sins but stopped short of a full-blown apology, seeing as sincere apologies don't generally have the effect of making the other person assure you aren't all that bad.

Later in the episode, Lori seeks some kind of comfort from Rick, but he is finished playing the chump in their rather one-sided marriage. They clearly both know the relationship is irreparably damaged when Lori cracks a joke about how to get divorced when society is gone and Rick doesn't argue. There's a moment between the two where viewers would have expcted to see an embrace in past seasons, but now Rick can barely stand to pat his "wife" on the shoulder, keeping his body at arm's length.

I think it's safe to say that right now, Rick cares more for the unborn baby than he does for Lori, and lord help the kid if s/he comes out looking like Shane.

Likelihood that Lori will survive season three, based on this episode: 40%