There are many beloved characters on the show "The Walking Dead." One of them, however, is not Andrea. So, the fact that this episode was devoted almost entirely to her was both frustrating and just plainly annoying. But anyway, less criticism and more recapping.

The episode began with Carl and Hershal yelling at Rick because he has effectively lost his mind, and Rick didn't really seem that overly upset about it. He himself has probably realized that he's losing it, and hopefully realizes that he now needs to get his act together.

The fact that Merle is now at the prison is not popular with most of the group, although Hershal seemed weirdly sympathetic for him, despite the fact that he tortured Glenn, whom he considers family, and Maggie, who is actually his daughter. It seemed strange and out of place, but it was nice to learn that Merle was quite the scholar. If one character is going to redeem themselves this season, it will hopefully be Merle.

If there's one character who needs to die this season, however, it's most definitely Andrea. She plans to go to the prison to negotiate with them when the Governor tells her that they attacked him first when he went to negotiate. This is once again a lie, and Andrea's inability to tell when he is exaggerating the truth is almost now comical.

She enlists Milton, who is secretly spying for the Governor, to help her escape, and Milton reluctantly agrees to help her after finding out that the Governor secretly wants Andrea to escape. The two capture a zombie in the woods and cut off it's arms and break it's teeth, and then Andrea uses it as her "guardian angel." During this scene, Tyrese's group returned and they were directed towards Woodbury.

Andrea arrives at the prison and is treating as a hostile, and quickly learns that T-Dogg and Lori are dead, and finds out that the Governor lied about the attack. Carol is the only one who seems happy to see her.

Michonne took both of the best scenes in this episode, the first being when Merle confronts her about when he attacked her and she compares him to the Gestapo, and the second being when she confronts Andrea about what she's done, and quickly puts her in her place. It was finally nice to see Michonne speak up.

Andrea gets a quick visit with "lil' asskicker" before leaving in a car that Rick provides for her. She is told by Carol to sleep with the Governor and kill him, and there's a long played out goodbye scene for Andrea.

Andrea returns to Woodbury and sleeps with the Governor, but is unable to commit to killing him.

Also, the Governor learns that Tyrese knows the layout of the prison, and it's clear that he's going to use him to get all the information he needs to attack Rick.

Overall, this was easily the weakest episode of season 3. Hopefully, next week's road trip starring Rick, Carl, and Michonne will be a much more thrilling episode. 

Here's to hoping that Andrea dies this season!