Donna Allen vs. Tessanne Chin (Team Adam)

The Song: "Next To Me," Emeli Sande
The Training: Adam calls these ladies "two of my favorites." Tessanne admits that when she heard she was paired with Donna, she mentally started packing her bags. It's not hard to understand why she feels that way. Ryan thinks Donna owns the first rehearsal because of the pure volume of her voice. Tessanne can't outsing her, so she's got to think of another way to win the battle. Conversely, Donna has to learn to control her power and not overdo it. Ryan says the outcome's going to come down to who owns the song the most, because to him "there wasn't a clear winner" in the practice sessions.
The Battle: Firstly, these two look like they're having a ridiculous amount of fun together. The comparison between Donna and Tina Turner is pretty apt based on her performance. Wisely, Tessanne doesn't try to go blow for blow with her, and instead tries to do a few little unique things of her own to differentiate herself from Donna's speaker-exploding vocals. Again, you could probably put these two together on stage and have a concert.
The Verdict: Blake calls the battle "epic" before voting for Donna. Christina echoes the Tina Turner comparison and sides with Tessanne. Cee Lo also votes for Tessanne citing her greater control and range, as much as he admires Donna's power. Adam realizes each lady has something the other doesn't, so it's a matter of preference. He looks like he'd rather stab himself in the eye with his pen than make this pick, but chooses Tessanne, who thanks Donna after her win. Shockingly, nobody steps up for Donna. Seriously?!? At least she gets a farewell hug from Tessanne on the way out.
Our Thoughts: Just because there's no shortage of powerful vocalists on the show, we would've opted for the more versatile voice and picked Tessanne. Sasha Allen still owns the Voice monopoly on this song, though.

Briana Cuoco vs. Jacquie Lee (Team Christina)

The Song: "House of the Rising Sun," The Animals
The Training: Ed thinks "everyone who owns a guitar" has covered this song at the some point and all those versions are the same, so he encourages the girls to take this their own way. Briana admits to being pushed out of her comfort zone, in a good way. Christina believes the pairing motivated both artists to raise their game. Kudos to Carson for introducing Briana without making mention of her famous sister, too.
The Battle: She might look adorable off-stage, but when she's on it, Jacquie sings like she's a lot older than she actually is. Briana, on the other hand, wrings the soul out of every word and proves she more than belongs in this competition on her own merits. These two ladies hit some crazy notes and their mutual respect for each other's vocal ability is obvious when they interact with each other. If there were a "push" option on this show, this would've been the time to use it.
The Verdict: Cee Lo thinks he'll go with Jacquie for her "clarity and consistency." Adam does some waffling, admits that he doesn't know, and then apologizes for not being helpful. Blake believes Briana captured the song better, so he votes for her. That makes it a split before we get to Christina, who thinks they're both winners, but can only save one. That one is Jacquie. Cee Lo swoops in to try and steal before Carson can even say anything, but Blake wants to challenge him, meaning that Briana gets to choose her next coach. Continuing the "sabotage Blake" trend, Adam encourages her to pick Cee Lo, but she doesn't listen. Did Cee Lo do something to folks to be unpopular this season? Sadness.
Our Thoughts: Pip's (Season 2) version of this song still has a special place in our heart, but this is going to be a close second (too bad iTunes doesn't sell them as duets anymore, huh?). Both these artists have something to offer the competition, and it's great they're both still here.

Final Statistics

Stolen: Nic Hawk (Team Adam to Team Blake), Anthony Paul (Team Cee Lo to Team Christina), Briana Cuoco (Team Christina to Team Blake)

Eliminated: Timyra-Joi (Team Christina), Justin Chain (Team Blake), Donna Allen (Team Adam)

Steal Counter: Team Adam has 2 steals remaining, Team Blake has 0 steals remaining, Team Cee Lo has 2 steals remaining, and Team Christina has 1 steals remaining.

Battle rounds continue tomorrow night as The Voice moves to its new Tuesday time of 9 PM ET/PT - now a one-hour show on Tuesdays as opposed to the two-hour episodes during auditions. DVR's, take note.

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