Next up is Team Cee Lo's Diego Val, coming to the stage with Enrique Iglesias' "Bailamos," another Cee Lo choice and a curious one since he has to ask Diego what the title means. Either Cee Lo doesn't know Spanish, doesn't know the song that well himself, or both. Diego admits he's not as comfortable with the song selection as his coach thinks. Carson calls Diego "the Peruvian Magic Mike" after the ladies start squealing.

It's when we get into the feedback portion that things get interesting. Adam thinks that Diego wasn't a hundred percent into the tune, but still calls it "a good performance." Blake admits that "I didn't know what you were saying anyway" but thinks Diego's cool regardless. Christina echoes Adam's comments ("It's a miracle!" Adam quips) and asks Diego what his favorite song is. Diego admits something that a lot of Voice artists would concur with - that he prefers his own music and that doing covers of someone else's songs can be difficult.

After hearing that as well as Adam and Christina's thoughts, Cee Lo seems somewhat apologetic for his selection, though he also says that he doesn't think it was Diego's best vocal performance. Will taking his coach's direction do Diego in?

After Diego is his teammate Mackenzie Bourg, and since he's done "Good Time" and "Call Me Maybe" before, it's not that surprising that Cee Lo wants him to do One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." Although his coach says he doesn't want people to think Mackenzie is a one-trick pony, his choice of song seems like it just reinforces that idea. Mackenzie has to be given credit for taking on a track originally sung by five people, though. Ultimately, while it's a good performance, it's too much like what he's already done.

Adam is also a little critical, saying that "You're an American Idol but I don't know if you're the winner of The Voice...I just kind of want to see more happen." Blake needs a moment to understand Adam, but believes Mackenzie's popularity could help him. Christina agrees with Adam, wanting Mackenzie to "step out of the box a little bit more." Cee Lo thinks Christina made a great point, but then says that it was a great song choice and wants more energy from his artist.

Team Christina's Devyn DeLoera is next to perform with Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love," which Katrina Parker knocked out of the park in Season 2. While Devyn's version is not on that level, judging by her performance, you wouldn't know that she had to work to connect with the lyrics. Carson thinks that it might have been "the right song at the right time" for her, and I'm inclined to agree with him. One must also give Devyn credit for not tripping on the train of her dress.

Cee Lo, however, disagrees with that assessment, saying "I know you're a much better singer than this performance suggests." Blake was looking for more of Devyn's softer side. Christina's surprised that Adam doesn't get to give feedback, but then doesn't agree with Blake, telling Devyn that "this was definitely showcasing a softer side of you."

It's Team Cee Lo's Nicholas David that follows Devyn, and he's got Barry White's "You're The First, The Last, My Everything," which is another Cee Lo choice. The coach wants "swagger" and Nicholas doesn't know what that means. He doesn't really need to, though, because his distinctive voice earns plenty of applause from the audience despite the fact that many of them probably don't even know who Barry White is, as Adam points out. "I want to make a baby now," he says, a statement that the women in the crowd approve of.

Blake calls Nicholas "my favorite singer on Team Cee Lo and it blows my mind because you're not supposed to look like that and then sound like that." Christina gets skipped over in order to go directly to Cee Lo, who thinks Nicholas "can do no wrong in my book."

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