Tuesday night means four more battles on The Voice. With coach Blake already out of steals, and Christina having used one of hers already, that means there's only five steals remaining over three more evenings of head-to-head matchups. Will any of tonight's losing artists get their second chances? Let's see how the fight card stacks up.

Jacob Poole vs. Matthew Schuler (Team Christina)

The Song: "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)," Fall Out Boy
The Training: Advisor Ed Sheeran is impressed by both artists, and thinks "whoever can hit the high note better should always take it." Christina doesn't want Matthew to be "overzealous" and dominate the duet. In the second rehearsal, Matthew changes one thing he did differently the day before, and neither Ed nor Christina are in favor of the change, with Christina thinking it sounded "like a mistake." She says she liked it better the first way, and he takes that advice to heart. Still, both artists are "superstars" in the eyes of their coach.
The Battle: These two perform this particular song really well; in the beginning we're not sure if they're going to sing together or get into a fistfight. They trade off seamlessly, and both of them have solid stage presence, more than entertaining the crowd. Vocally, they each hit their share of high notes in performances that are impressive throughout, especially considering the pace of the track they're singing.
The Verdict: Cee Lo thinks this is one of the show's best battle rounds, but doesn't name a favorite. Adam calls it "a musical ass-whupping" and thinks Jacob came up to Matthew's level, but sides with Matthew ultimately. Blake agrees, saying that he was waiting for "someone's nose to start bleeding," and adds that he was more impressed by Jacob since Jacob was only a one-chair turn in blind auditions. That brings things back to coach Christina, who doesn't surprise anyone in picking Matthew. Adam and Cee Lo opt not to use one of their steals on Jacob, sending him home even after that amazing effort.
Our Thoughts: Matthew's strong performance was expected, given how people might still be raving about his audition. But Jacob did everything he could have possibly done to win the battle. He cannot be faulted at all. It's a shame that he's got to go home after raising his game the way he did.

Kat Robichaud vs. R. Anthony (Team Cee Lo)

The Song: "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," Aerosmith
The Training: Cee Lo wants to see their "personal connection" to the song, and what kind of emotion they can use. For R. Anthony, that means thinking of his wife and children; for Kat, it's drawing on her late father. Advisor Miguel suggests that R. Anthony pick and choose his vocal runs. Cee Lo is looking for more roar and rasp out of Kat, and Miguel adds that she needs to build to a big moment in her performance.
The Battle: Both artists do a good job of making the song their own in various ways, but with a ballad like this, what we're all waiting on is the showstopping moment. Kat finds hers hitting some crazy notes, and while R. Anthony doesn't quite reach those heights, he plays off her very well and the soul in his performance is evident. Similar to the battle between Grey and Nic Hawk last night, it's a case of the more unique voice versus the more straightforward one.
The Verdict: Adam says his biggest regret from auditions was not turning around for Kat, but doesn't offer a favorite from the battle. Blake sides with Kat, positing that she even checks the mail with intensity (and watching Blake open an imaginary mailbox is pretty funny). He awards the win to her. Christina compliments both artists but doesn't give a name, so it's 2-0 Kat before we get to coach Cee Lo. He refers to Kat as "a natural...disaster" (in a good way!) before selecting her.
Our Thoughts: Also not a surprise. Kat had the more unique voice and she does have an intensity that could be very interesting in later rounds, especially when coupled with the crazy things Cee Lo sometimes comes up with for his artists. Again, the songs that she chooses or that get chosen for her are going to be a big factor, because she clearly has the performance ability - so now there has to be material that can show the vocal talent that needs to go with it.