3. Team Shakira: Dani Moz (1 chair) vs. Deshawn Washington (1 chair), "My Kind of Love"

Another montaged artist, Dani Moz, gets to be heard for the first time in battle. Her pop sound will be clashing with Deshawn's retro one on this Emeli Sande track, which was previously covered by Season 5 champ Tessanne Chin in the Top 12 round. Advisor Miranda Lambert is impressed by the big notes Dani can hit, and Shakira thinks that the pair meshes particularly well, if they can avoid stepping on each other. Deshawn seems like he's playing more to Dani while Dani is more focused on the audience and coaches, making this not quite a true pair, but they both sound great. Not Tessanne great, but great.

Adam thinks the artists "won the audience" and refuses to give a selection, even after Carson point-blank asks him for one. Blake is more surprised by Deshawn and sides with him because of the "shock value." Usher believes Dani connected more emotionally with the song but says "big things come in small packages" like Deshawn, and takes him as well. So that's two votes for Deshawn as we circle back to Shakira, who goes the other way and picks Dani, believing she can do more with her. Though he seems like he thought about it, Usher doesn't push his button for Deshawn - saying he has someone on his team that's "so similar" - and neither does anyone else. That's going to go down as a mistake in Voice history.

Winner: Dani Moz

4. Team Adam: Kat Perkins (3 chairs) vs. Patrick Thomson (2 chairs), "Whenever I Call You Friend"

It's our first true duet of Season 6, as Adam heard a "classic quality" in both Kat and Patrick's voices that made him want to match them on this Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks song. Advisor Aloe Blacc compares Patrick to "a bear" that's "tentative," creating an interesting mental image, while Adam doesn't want Kat to "overwhelm" and she has to be able to open her eyes when she sings. The commercial bumper spoils that the loser of this battle gets stolen, so that takes a little air out of the matchup. But Kat and Patrick know how to perform with each other, and seem to be greatly enjoying themselves with this catchy tune.

Blake calls this "an interesting pairing...and it really works," endorsing Kat for the win. Usher is less familiar with the work of Kenny Loggins. Shakira enjoys the dynamic between the artists, and selects Patrick. It's back to Adam, who thanks both artists for taking his notes and improving their performances, before choosing between two artists he considers "Top 5" caliber and selecting Kat.

Winner: Kat Perkins and Steal: Patrick Thomson to Team Shakira (1 steal remaining for Shakira)

5. Team Blake: Paula Deanda (2 chairs) vs. Sisaundra Lewis (4 chairs), "Do What U Want"

For this battle of female pop artists with previous experience in the business, Blake hands them a song previously performed by Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera last season. We don't think Paula and Sisaundra will be getting erm, too close to each other, though. The Band Perry advises both artists to find their moments, but not too many moments. Blake thinks the battle will come down to Paula playing up, and Sisaundra playing down. There's no doubt that Sisaundra has more power than Paula, but she perhaps uses a little too much of it, while Paula has to find space to get her own runs in around her.

Usher is impressed by Sisaundra and says he'd choose her as the winner, and Shakira agrees with him. Carson doesn't bother to ask Adam what he thinks, although Adam does chime in that having these two ladies on Blake's team seems "so bizarre." Blake gives some constructive criticism to Paula about her staying in pocket, and then unsurprisingly gives the nod to Sisaundra.

Winner: Sisaundra Lewis

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