33-year-old Anthony Evans comes to us from Dallas (really, how many people from Texas end up on The Voice? There's a lot of musical talent in the Lone Star State!). "The Voice asked me to be myself, and that's the whole reason why I'm here," he tells us before we get to hear his version of "What's Going On." When Cee Lo hesitates, Christina goes and steals Anthony from him, as she should, because he's got a great set of pipes on him. Cee Lo reflects on almost pushing his button, leading Adam to say "I was going to push it for you," and Blake to interject, "Never touch another man's button." Too late, Blake - Adam already did that three episodes ago.

Jamie Lono's been hiding in a sandwich shop in Chicago, at least until his boss hands him that big red envelope. Then he busts out his guitar to take on Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," a selection which gets Adam's attention right away. Cee Lo gives Adam a little competition, suggesting the two should collaborate because Jamie makes sandwiches and he eats sandwiches. I doubt that has anything to do with it, but Jamie does end up choosing Cee Lo as his coach.

Arlington, Texas native Jamie Chambers steps to the microphone after Jamie, and gives us his version of The Zutons' 1968 song "Valerie," which has been done by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars and Glee. He falls victim to the "the competition is much tougher in season two" caveat.  Nathan Anderson can't get a spot with his version of Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis," and neither can Valerie Searles with her attempt at Melissa Etheridge's "Come To My Window," or Nathan Hesher with his cut of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me."

Next up is Justin Hopkins, who Carson feels somewhat "responsible" for since he's appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly. "The Voice is really about the artist inside you," Justin says, admitting that he hopes to work with Cee Lo. Like last season's Javier Colon, he needs a break to make it feasible to continue pursuing a career in music. He brings his version of David Gray's "Babylon," which the audience is into pretty early on, but the coaches have to warm to. As it turns out, Justin gets his wish - Cee Lo is the first and only coach to turn for him. Adam calls Cee Lo's resulting dialogue convincing and quips, "I want to be on your team."

Nicolle Galyon comes from Nashville, where people keep telling her that she's going to have to play guitar rather than the piano if she's going to succeed. She thinks otherwise, and has come to the show to prove that she's right, even if it means facing her biggest fear. She's on the piano for her take on "You Save Me," which leads Adam to get that big, adorable grin on his face. He gives her a one-man standing ovation, jokingly calls his fellow coaches "stupid" for not picking her, and gets Nicolle on his team without a fight. Blake thinks Adam flustered Nicolle and adds that the Maroon 5 front man does the same thing to him. You and the entire female population of Planet Earth, Blake.

Off-camera, Ashley De La Rosa joins Team Christina, Jordan Rager and Alyx join Team Blake, and Karla Davis joins Team Adam. (I will take a moment again to express my dislike of the fact that we don't get to see all the successful blind auditions in their entirety.)

Next is Sanger, Texas native Eric Tipton, whose size has played "a giant role" in how he's perceived, so he thinks auditioning blind is "a major advantage." His version of "You Make My Dreams" has Blake and Cee Lo's ears perking from the first notes played by the Voice band, and Cee Lo playing air band for good measure, but still nobody turns around for Eric. This makes me a little bit sad.

As we wind down, we meet Dallas native Mathai (this is the episode for people with single names, apparently). She's brought her parents as well, which leads me to want to take a moment to clap for all the supportive parents out there, both on this show and off. I know a lot of people who haven't had families supportive of their career aspirations, so thanks to all the Voice parents, spouses, and siblings out there for standing by your artists!

The results of Mathai's blind audition are almost completely spoiled by the commercial bumper. Her take on Adele's "Rumour Has It" has Adam hitting his button almost right away, but he's not alone. All the guys want her on their teams; Christina is the lone holdout.  "We are looking at a star right here," Blake proclaims. Adam replies that it took him only eight seconds to hit his button, and Mathai joins Team Adam. (Yes, I'm waving my Team Adam cheerleader flag for just a moment.)

But wait! There are still open spots! Yep, there's a fifth night of blind auditions to be had. As we wrap up, here are some statistics from this episode:

Number of times Adam swears: 1 (7 total this season)
Number of appearances by Purrfect the Cat: 1 (6 total this season)
Number of Cee Lo commercials during the show: 1

There you have it. We now know who will make up most of our four teams. With the near-complete rosters in front of you, who's your early favorite team? See you next Monday as we begin the battle rounds!

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