Coming up next is Sasha Allen, who's sung backup for Christina Aguilera as well as Alicia Keys (wonder if she knows Jermaine Paul?). She wants to work with Shakira and Usher, calling Blake and Adam "the farthest from what I do." She's singing the Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice," and draws the attention of all four coaches. Adam immediately begins pleading his case, while saying some really nice things about The Voice, too:

Adam: This show changed my life. I was a cynic. It brought back the joy to music.

Then there's Usher giving a Presidential-esque speech about fighting for the talent on his team.

Blake: I'm Usher, and I approve this message.

Despite her earlier statement, Sasha decides to become a member of Team Adam. That ought to make her friend Amanda Brown, who was one of Team Adam's finalists from Season 3, very happy. If you're keeping score at home, Team Adam is loaded this season with four-chair artists - Sasha, Sarah Simmons, Midas Whale and Judith Hill, who remains the frontrunner for season four.

That's a tough act to follow, but Matt Cermanski has to do it, with Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" no less. Carson is surprised by the song choice, saying that it's either going to be the greatest decision of Matt's life or hurt him. Hey, if Kris Thomas can sing Whitney Houston... But Matt's performance lacks the vocal ability of Kris's, and he goes home empty-handed, while the coaches specifically call out his song choice as a contributing factor to his departure.

After NBC tries to compare The Voice to its new matchmaking series Ready for Love, leaving us scratching our heads, we get another montage. Jamila Thompson joins Team Usher, Amy Whitcomb becomes the newest member of Team Adam (after being part of Delilah on NBC's The Sing-Off), and Justin Rivers and Michelle Raitzin sign up with Team Blake. You'll have to wait for the battle rounds to get to know them.

Mary Miranda (not to be confused with Janetza) arrives next and her version of Selena's "Como La Flor" immediately wakes up everyone in the room. Since she's singing in Spanish, we get to watch the camera hover over Shakira for half of Mary's audition. Shakira does the right thing and hits her button, while Blake and Usher decide to go in together, which causes Shakira to curse.

Blake: She's really good, but I don't understand anything she's saying. But then it dawned on me, nobody can understand anything I say, either.

Wisely, Mary picks Shakira. She's followed by Memphis native Grace Askew, who blinds us all with her chrome guitar. That aside, her version of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" perks up Blake almost right away, and he is not happy when Shakira decides to challenge him. Usher and Adam smartly decide to stay out of the fight, which proves to be a good idea as Blake starts clapping and yelling excitedly.

Adam: And you had a lot of coffee this morning.

After Blake professes his love, Grace picks him as her coach. Blake's so excited about this that he's even yelling on Twitter. After Grace is Cincinnati native Jane Smith, who crushes us all by telling us both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer. Although her father has passed on, her mother is in remission and present to cheer Jane on as she performs "You've Got The Love." Unfortunately, with space at a premium, she doesn't earn any button pushes, but the coaches encourage the 18-year-old artist to keep working and come back for another attempt.

There's the next montage of similarly unlucky folks before one last audition. That's Ryan Innes, who likes to play with the set decorations and whose version of "Gravity" gets all four coaches to want him on their teams. After hearing all the pitches, which include Blake comparing his turning around to one of those epic movie reunions where couples run toward each other and Adam offering to kick him in the stomach, Ryan signs on with Team Usher.

At the end of the evening, with the Adam Levine Expletive Counter still holding at 2, Team Adam has 11 members, Team Blake 11, Team Shakira 11 and Team Usher 11. That means there's only room for four more artists as we go into tomorrow night. I'll see you Tuesday to uncover who gets those chairs to spin for the last time!

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