News and notes from around The Voice universe:

Cassadee Pope's first post-show album, Frame By Frame, was released Tuesday. Most of it you're probably familiar with, as "Wasting All These Tears," "You Hear A Song," "11," "Good Times" and "Champagne" were put out as singles beforehand - meaning that die-hard Voice fans have already heard about half of the eleven-song record. Since you've already had the opportunity to listen to those cuts, let's talk about the previously unreleased material.

Frame by Frame completes Cassadee's transition from pop-punk rocker back to country singer, and she makes that genre shift pretty smoothly. There's a certain sound to her voice that works well with country music, and there are still some pop sensibilities to be had, most obviously on radio-friendly lead single "Wasting All These Tears," where the pop element makes sense. Conversely, the pop injection makes absolutely no sense on "Everybody Sings," which involves a portion that sounds like it's lifted from Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" in the middle of an otherwise okay country song.

This record serves as an effective midpoint between the Cassadee Pope we met on The Voice and her post-competition career. Audiences expecting every song to have a big moment like the ones she had so often on the show are likely to be disappointed, but that also proves that she's not relying solely on the same thing over and over.

There are songs here that have those moments, but there are also the up-tempo numbers ("Good Times," "This Car," "Proved You Wrong") and the requisite somber tracks ("One Song Away," "11"). Frame by Frame shows that Cassadee can perform a variety of songs, even if she's not necessarily breaking any new ground with them. That doesn't make this a bad album, far from it; just one that's playing it fairly safe.

Overall, this is a record that ought to please The Voice's sizeable country fan base, and likely attract curious fans of the show. It re-establishes Cassadee Pope as both a solo performer and a country artist, and that's the most important part. The pressure is on for the series to produce a commercially successful artist, and it's clear that's what this album is geared toward doing.

Hopefully, the fans who voted so overwhelmingly for Cassadee on The Voice will support the record, and then we'll get to see her do some more unique things with the next one.

Cassadee also has a CMT series of the same name, which airs its second episode tonight at 10 PM ET/PT. And NBC aired the music video for Frame by Frame's first single, "Wasting All These Tears," during Tuesday's recap episode of The Voice. If you missed that, you can watch it below.

Two other show alums have put out new music this week. Season 2's Jamar Rogers dropped his new single "Drink Of You" on Tuesday. Season 4's Sarah Simmons also put out her first post-show track, "Fall," which is now available on iTunes. Congratulations to Cassadee, Jamar and Sarah on your music debuts!

Season 5 of The Voice returns Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

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