Here's Tamara Chauniece with a huge classic, Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." This is the kind of track you'd have expected a Sasha Allen or Kim Yarbrough to have sung. Tamara does her best with it, although she doesn't really hit the max energy level until toward the end of such an anthemic song.

Adam calls it her "best performance at the best time." Blake comments on how nice everyone is being (we've noticed, Blake) before saying that "you did that song great." Passing over Christina, Carson asks coach Cee Lo for his opinion, which begins with a diatribe on his "mission statement," then a compliment on Tamara's looks, followed by one the show, before ending with finally saying he thinks she'll make it through.

Next is one of our picks to watch: Kat Robichaud, who we're still a little bit afraid of after that knockout round performance. Cee Lo gave her "She Keeps Me Warm" by Mary Lambert, which goes in the completely opposite direction - it's much calmer and slower, asking her to tap into a completely different part of her range. Smart choice there, Cee Lo. Kat delivers a tender rendition without sacrificing any of that unique sound she's got. Plus, we are in favor of random hugs. If she can continue to be this diverse, Team Cee Lo should have a bonafide finalist.

Adam tells Kat that she has seven gears and that he selfishly wanted to see all seven, but that her hugging a total stranger was "pretty sweet." Then we have to laugh when Carson asks Christina to give her thoughts by name and she says "Me?" like there's another Christina Aguilera somewhere around. Once she clicks back in, Christina calls the performance "lovely and really beautiful." Blake gets left out again as Cee Lo explains his rationale for giving Kat this particular song. He's never been very to the point, but he does seem to be a bit extra rambly this evening.

Caroline Pennell is giving us The White Stripes' "We're Gonna Be Friends," because he thinks they would've been if they'd gone to school together. Let's all take a moment to think about what Cee Lo must have been like in school. Now let's listen to Caroline, who has officially gotten the label of this season's adorable teenager with the slightly different voice (see: Xenia, Melanie Martinez). She's not just cute, but she's also competent.

Then this hugely awkward moment happens.

Blake: I could literally be getting an amputation...if she was singing, all I'd be thinking about is cotton candy...You could've been singing about killing people and I could be up here wanting to skip around on the stage.
Adam: Let's put a pin in that.
Blake: I should've left it at amputation.

Blake's on a roll tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

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