The Voice may have only one coach standing by the time the show reaches its December 17-18 finale.

Tuesday night, Big Red Chairs talked with the two artists who were eliminated from the NBC singing competition, and with their dismissal another coach was also knocked out of contention. Adam Levine saw both his remaining artists - Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown - sent home after the results of America's vote were revealed.

Coaches Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green each have two artists still up for The Voice grand prize, but with two more singers being eliminated next week, it's possible that either of them could also be left without anyone in the race.

For his part, although he has half the competing field on his team, Shelton isn't taking it easy. "Even though two coaches are eliminated, I'm not changing anything," he said Tuesday night. "It's listening that got Team Blake here and that's what's going to keep us here hopefully, is communicating with each other and being sure that when we do pick a song, it's for a really good reason. It needs to be something that they're passionate about every time they go on that stage."

Melanie Martinez said afterward that she wasn't surprised by her elimination. "Me and Amanda are really close, so we kind of felt it today. We felt that we were both leaving, and we felt really bad because we're like 'we're both on Team Adam and he's got nobody left,'" she said with a laugh, but added, "I think it's not really about that. I think it's just genuinely about being yourself and just showing who you are as an artist on the show."

She added that she benefited from having The Voice come along at such an early point in her career. "I think that this is an amazing opportunity and I've grown as an artist because of the people like Amanda who've been through so much," she said. "They've definitely taught me a lot."

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"I don't feel any kind of negativity in regards to this entire experience," reflected Amanda Brown. "I made it to the Top 6 and I feel like it was just a tremendous accomplishment for me. There's nothing but love and positivity and hope for the future."

"I feel really proud of those performances and really proud of the decisions that I made. I really left my all on the stage last night and so I don't think I would have changed anything," she continued. "I've definitely learned a lot about myself along this entire journey and I feel like the lessons that I've learned I most definitely will take with me."

What will she take away personally from The Voice? "Definitely being able to work with Cee Lo and Adam was an amazing opportunity," she said, "and just to be in the company of such talented young artists. I feel both honored and excited for their journey and excited for mine."

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Their coach was philosophical about Tuesday's results. "You know, you win things and you lose things. If you win everything all the time, then you wouldn't be human. It's kind of how you respond to the losing and tweak things and change things and come back that much stronger for understanding the dynamics of whatever failures you make," Levine said.

"No one failed. That’s what’s really crazy," he continued. "So they didn’t get the $53,000 after taxes and the really crazy weird record deal that they are already going to get anyway. Those six people are winners and every single one of them should be proud for however much further they make it in the competition.

"I think actually, there are so many amazing allegiances that have been formed on the show that are so great that, that is the saddest thing to see end – the camaraderie amongst artists.

"It’s on to a new chapter for these guys," he added. "Listen, the winner has to go home too. People don’t realize that. The winner probably experiences the biggest culture shock when they say to themselves, ‘Now what?’ The winner still has to go home. Don’t forget that."

Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte remain.

The Voice continues next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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