This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries begins with Bonnie having a freaky dream again. She’s in a cemetery of Bennetts and she thinks that her mom is the key to opening the last coffin. Bonnie also tells Elena about the coffins even though Stefan isn’t too happy about it. She needs Elena’s help to track down her mom for help.

While they’re looking through piles of paperwork to find Bonnie’s mom, Damon walks in. Of course, he already found Abby Bennett, Bonnie’s mother. Damon’s all like, C’mon, up and at ‘em, but Elena’s like, Um, sorry but three’s a crowd. You don’t need witchy powers to know that something’s up, so Bonnie asks so Damon spills the beans about their kiss.

Caroline comes home to Tyler waiting in her living room. He came to apologize and explain. To show her the depth of his words, Tyler brings out Caroline’s dad. Since he taught himself to resist compulsion, Tyler thought that he might be able to teach him to break the sire bond.

Elena and Bonnie are en route to her mother’s house. Stefan calls, wanting to know where they are and what they’re doing. Elena lies and doesn’t let on that they’ve located Bonnie’s mother. It doesn’t really matter though because Stefan already knew where they were going.

Stefan also comes home to an uninvited guest—Klaus. Again, he’s trying to get his family back.  He’s getting pretty tired of Stefan’s one-man-crazy act. He calls up his hybrid and sends him to Abby Bennett’s house.

When Bonnie and Elena arrive, no one was home. A young man by the name of Jamie approaches them and lets them in when Bonnie tells him that Abby’s her mom. Turns out, he’s her pseudo-adopted son. Abby walks in and mother and daughter finally meet.

Back in some dungeon in Mystic Falls, Caroline’s dad is chaining up Tyler. In order to break the bond, her dad says he has to shift willingly. Since changing during the full moon is extremely painful and becoming a hybrid frees him from that, Tyler feel indebted to Klaus. By changing on his own free will, Tyler will have conquered the pain and break the bond as well. It’s hard for Tyler to do and he almost quits, but Caroline’s dad eggs him on. He shifts completely but the chains weren’t strong enough to hold him down and he breaks free and attacks Caroline’s dad.

Damon drops by the hospital to pay Dr. Fell a little visit concerning her dead ex. He sees it as watching out for his buddy Rick and just wants to make sure she isn’t a psychopath. When his back is turned, she stabs him with vervane and takes his blood while he’s passed out. When he wakes up, he goes to Rick’s to let him know that his potential girlfriend is bad news. Rick’s peeved that Damon did what he did, but at the same time he can’t help but believe that there’s some truth to Damon’s words.

Bonnie and her mom finally get a chance to talk. Her mother explained that she left after she lured Michael away from Mystic Falls and trapped him in his tomb. She did this because Michael came to town looking for the doppelganger. After the spell she cast, her magic never recovered. She realized she had a chance to be someone else. However, since Abby has no magic left, Bonnie realizes she can’t help them. Elena stepped outside while they talked to give them some privacy. Stefan sneaks up on her and Jamie sneaks up on him. Stefan compels him to leave and he does—only to return with a shotgun. Turns out, Jamie’s been compelled and shoots Stefan with wooden bullets and ties Elena up. Bonnie hears the shot and runs to the window and her mom uses some herbs to subdue her.

Abby takes Bonnie to the hybrid. If Bonnie doesn’t give up the location of the coffins, then Jamie will have to kill himself. When Bonnie says she can’t, Abby gives Bonnie her phone with the message to warn her friends so they can relocate the coffins while Bonnie gives up the place while saving Jamie at the same time.

Elena manages to get out of her bonds and trick Jamie. She grabs Jamie’s gun and whacks him over the head, then moves to Stefan to help dig out the wood pieces in his body. She gets them all out and he notices that she’s tougher than she used to be. She tells him that she kissed Damon. All Stefan does is get up and walk away.

Damon’s in the old witch house, presumably going to remove the coffins when he realizes that he’s not alone. Klaus steps out of the shadows, insults the witches and they retaliate by using their powers against him. When he threatens the entire line of Bennetts, the witches stop and reveal the coffins. However, there are only three since Damon managed to move one first.

Rick goes to see Dr. Fell at the hospital because he wants to know what the real deal is with her. Right then, Bill Forbes pulls up in a stretcher with severe animal attacks. He’s about to die when Dr. Fell reveals her secret to Rick—she cheats by using vampire blood to save her patients. Not so crazy after all.

Elena goes to find Stefan and he apologizes for his stint with the bridge. Stefan tells her she’s better than Damon, that she’s better than the both of them.

At the end of the night, Bonnie’s mom tells her that she still cares about her. She still wants to help Bonnie and her friends, but Bonnie doesn’t trust her and says she can’t since she has no powers. But Bonnie’s mom says that her magic didn’t just disappear—it drifted away. The longer she stayed away from Bonnie, the weaker it got. Maybe Bonnie can help her get it back.

Since Dr. Fell was honest about her secret, Rick decides to give up his. He shows her his stash of vampire hunting weapons and tells her about his ring. She makes a move to take off his ring and he pulls it back and the two kind of kiss. With perfect timing, Elena walks in. Awkward!

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan socks Damon in the face when he brings up Elena’s name. So now both know that they both know about Damon and Elena’s kiss. Capiche?

Klaus finally has his family back but he doesn’t quite open the coffins yet. His hybrid trails at his heels, asking what other unfinished business Klaus is up to. All of a sudden, his heart is ripped out from behind by none other than Elijah. Welcome back, brother.