This week on "The Vampire Diaries," our favorite group of supernatural teenagers tries their best to be normal high school seniors. Objective: Senior prank night. As Elena goes off on her merry way to find more materials, she runs into her almost-murderer slash boyfriend-napper. He cuts the fun short as he drags Elena back to the gym where he tells everyone to go home except for these two random kids, who’re probably going to die. Bonnie and Matt walk in, unaware of the fact that Klaus is inside. Rebecca comes in dragging Tyler in tow, who she conveniently attacked in the hallway. Klaus tells Bonnie she has to fix his hybrid breeding problem since she’s the one that messed it up. To give her some pressure, he feeds Tyler his blood and kills him. Bonnie and Matt go to find a solution, Rebecca clears out with Tyler, and Klaus keeps watch over Elena.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Damon have hit the road, with no clear destination in mind. Damon finally pulls over and wants to know what tricks she’s got up her sleeves—this is Katherine, after all. She knows that Klaus was running from someone and she wants to find out who. She also has the necklace that Klaus wants as a piece of leverage. Oh yeah, and Jeremy’s also in the trunk. She remembers Pearl, the vampire from the tomb, telling her there is a way to kill Klaus, but she’s dead. The only other person that knows what Pearl knew is her daughter Anna, who’s also dead. That’s what Jeremy’s there for. They find out through Anna that there’s a vampire vampire-slayer named Michael, who is currently entombed. Any guesses where they’re going next?

Stefan finally gets himself to the gym, where he tells Klaus he’s sorry and that Elena means nothing to him. He’s there to pledge his allegiance to Klaus, who wants proof by telling him to kill the other two kids in the gym. Elena’s in the background saying “No! You don’t have to! He’s not going to hurt—" but before she can finish, Klaus liberally exercises the use of his pimp hand and slaps her with his vampire super strength. Stefan attacks Klaus, but he’s an original AND a hybrid so there’s no way he’s got a chance. As a punishment, Klaus compels him to obey and he’s forced to kill the two kids in front of Elena. Rebecca storms in with a picture of Elena wearing the necklace they’re looking for. Bratty Rebecca roughs her up a little bit before they realize she doesn’t have it and Katherine does. Klaus is growing a little impatient so he sets a time limit on Bonnie. If she hasn’t found the solution in the next 20 minutes, Stefan has to feed on Elena.

Matt is getting his keys so they can go find Jeremy but he finds his stuff strewn all over the weight room leading to the pool. He gets the sense that Vicki is trying to communicate with him, so he gets the bright idea that they can use him instead of Jeremy. He straps a weight on his body to drown himself, telling Bonnie that she just needs to give him CPR. It’s a stupid, self-destructive idea but it works, and Matt sees Vicki in a life-and-death-limbo-state, who has a message for Bonnie from the original witch. The reason why the hybrids can’t transition is because Elena’s still alive.

Before Damon and them set off, Damon gets his phone back from Katherine, who has been holding it hostage. He finds out what’s going on in Mystic Falls and goes back to save the day while Katherine and Jeremy go find Michael. Katherine yells after him that he’s going to get himself killed, and he replies in a way that only Damon can, “I wouldn’t have done it for you.”

Stefan and Elena are having a post break-up talk that most couples don’t usually have. She’s trying to tell him he can resist compulsion and control his thirst while he’s trying to tell her he can’t. The buzzer rings and he tells her to run as he’s having a total mind versus body takeover. She’s not about to stick around to see if he can control it and she peaces out, only to run into Klaus. He drags her back to Stefan, who’s busy staking himself in the leg to try to stop him from feeding on her blood. Klaus tells him to turn off his humanity, but Stefan resists and fights back, so Klaus compels him to. Goodbye, Stefan!

Klaus gives Tyler Elena’s blood to drink as an experiment of sorts, and it works. Tyler successfully turns into a vampire-werewolf hybrid. Turns out, Klaus figured that the original witch’s adamancy for requiring the doppelganger’s death was actually a security measure against creating more hybrids, so he does the opposite. Elena’s blood is actually the key to making the new species, so she’s in the hospital “donating” her blood to his reputable cause.

Damon shows up and threatens Klaus with his knowledge of Michael and he splits in the blink of an eye. Damon brings Elena back from the hospital and promises that he’ll never leave her again. They’re having a tender moment when Stefan shows up, declaring that Elena is officially under his protection and that he’ll be around. Nobody likes a third wheel, Stefan.

At the end of the episode, Jeremy and Katherine find Michael’s tomb. Katherine opens it, and like Frankenstein’s monster, he awakens. Dun-dun-dun.

So what now? Is Vicki really evil? Where did Klaus go? Is Stefan going to be like this forever? And finally, what’s the story behind Michael?