The New Year doesn’t just usher in resolutions to be a better person and practice better habits. For us TV junkies, it’s much more than that—it marks the return of all our favorite TV shows, and The Vampire Diaries is on the top of that list.

The last time we saw our beloved vampire brothers they were plotting to kill Klaus, but failed. Damon was about to end Klaus for good when Stefan stopped him (because if Damon killed Klaus, Klaus’s hybrids would’ve killed Damon), earning his freedom. Because Klaus took everything from Stefan, Stefan decided to pay the favor back, taking Klaus’s family. Klaus is beyond angry, and here we are.

It seems like Mystic Falls has been pretty Klaus-free lately, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s life is any easier. Bonnie’s been having a nightmare where she’s in the old witch house with four coffins, Jeremy’s spiraling downward, and Damon’s just been, well, Damon.

Part of Jeremy’s downward spiral is getting fired from The Grill, failing his midterm, and hanging out with Tyler, who can’t exactly be trusted since he’s been sired. They’re hanging out in the woods shooting empty beer cans with crossbows when Tyler dares Jeremy to shoot him. He proves that he’s invulnerable by catching the arrow, also noting that you can’t kill a hybrid unless you rip out their heart or cut their head off.

Elena and Damon are at The Grill flirting with each other when Klaus shows up (it was only a matter of time) with a hybrid footman. He’s looking for Rebekah, and more importantly, Stefan. In typical Klaus fashion, he basically forces Elena and Damon to do his dirty work and find Stefan— or else.

Meanwhile, Bonnie goes back to the old witch house in hopes of figuring out her dream. She doesn’t find the coffins but finds Stefan instead. He’s looking for her help to hide the coffins from Klaus.

Back at the Gilbert house, Elena and Rick are trying to pull a soft intervention and instigate “family” time with Jeremy. He’s giving everyone attitude because he has plans with Tyler, Elena puts her foot down and says no, so he just invites Tyler in, much to the dismay of everyone else. It gets a little awkward because Tyler knows that they don’t want him there. Elena and Rick grill Tyler about his loyalty to Klaus. Tyler tries to explain that he still has free will and makes his own decisions, but they’re not convinced, especially when he says he’d yank out his heart if Klaus asked him to.

Speaking of Klaus, he pays Damon a little visit. Here’s the situation: Stefan stole Klaus’s coffins, er, family, and he wants them back and he wants them back now. Of course, he’s not going to do anything to find Stefan, which explains why he’s at Damon’s. Damon doesn’t work for anybody, especially not Klaus. Seeing that a little coercion needs to be involved, Klaus makes a cryptic phone call about “doing that thing I told you to do” to help “motivate” Damon into finding Stefan. We don’t know what’s going to happen but we know it’s bad.

Turns out, Klaus had compelled Jeremy to do what he says, and he says to take off his ring and stand in front of a speeding car. At the last minute, Rick tackles Jeremy out of the way only to get hit himself. Luckily, he had his ring on but for now he’s still dead. Klaus was able to compel Jeremy because he wasn’t wearing any vervane, and they realize that it was Tyler that got him to stop wearing it, which explains all the hanging out. This is a total “I-told-you-so” moment for Elena, but being the mature sister she is, she holds back.