The new season continues with the main objective of finding Stefan. Elena refuses to give up, especially when she traces her birthday phone call to Tennessee. When Damon refuses, she asks Rick for his help, where she finds out that Klaus and Co. has been hunting werewolves. They set off on an adventure to the Smoky Mountains, where they’re hoping to come back with a plus one.

Jeremy decides to confront Matt and admit that he’s seen Vicki. He wants to hold a séance kind of thing with Matt in order to communicate with her and help her. Matt’s reluctant, but he’s on board. Him and Tyler are still at odds over Caroline, but they have a tender bro moment when Matt abashedly offers his help for the full moon tonight.

Mrs. Lockwood calls in back up for her kidnapping situation. Enter Bill, who seems like some kind of western-cowboy-vampire-slayer. And the verdict is: she’s gotta go.

Elena and Rick are en route to the wolf camp when they take a break and exchange gifts. He gives her a wolfsbane grenade and she gives him John Gilbert’s ring. Just when Elena’s about to go into a monologue about why Rick isn’t a lost cause, she flies off the cliff and into the lake, courtesy of Damon. Like a sensible adult, Rick told Damon about their little plan. Damon demands that they go back, but naturally, Elena refuses and pleads Damon to help bring Stefan back since it’s the closest they’ve been, and oh yeah, did I mention it was a full moon tonight? Damon gives in, but it’s not that hard to when she’s standing in front of him drenched in water.



Meanwhile Klaus and Stefan have found the werewolf camp and Klaus has initiated the transition for all of them to be his soldiers-slash-comrades. His plan is to build an army so large that they skip the war part and become the ruling class where I’m guessing he’s king, since they’ll be so powerful no one will challenge them.

Tyler figures out that his mom slipped him some vervane to test if he was a vampire. When he confronts her, she tells him it’s because he’s been spending so much time with Caroline, and yes, she knows that she’s a vampire. Mrs. Lockwood forbids him to be with her because she’s a monster, and that’s when Tyler realizes she doesn’t know that he’s not exactly that much different.

Before Matt and Jeremy can begin their little séance, Matt changes his mind and backs out. He puts a photo of him and Vicki face down on the table, but when he turns around, the frame is back up. Could it be…Vicki? He changes his mind again and goes to Jeremy, ready for round two, and it’s a success. Vicki pleads Jeremy for his help, saying that she can come back. All of a sudden she’s gone, but then his window shatters and then Anna’s there instead, telling him not to trust Vicki.

Tyler drags his mom down to his dungeon to show her firsthand what he is. She seems pretty appalled by her screams of terror, but when he wakes up the next morning, she’s still there. She promises that she won’t let anything happen to Caroline.

Everything on the mountain was going according to plan until Elena and her two bodyguards realize that the werewolves were turning early. They decide to check out before the three of them turn into tonight’s dinner. Unfortunately for Klaus, that won’t be happening since his little minions never quite make it to the hybrid stage. Klaus did everything right—he killed a werewolf, a vampire, and the doppelganger, but it still isn’t working! You’d think he figures out that maybe he didn’t kill the doppelganger, but he doesn’t say anything, but you just never know with Klaus. He tells Stefan that he’s his only friend and you can’t help but feel a little bad for the guy.

Later at home, Damon tells Elena he was wrong, that Stefan can be saved and that he’s going to help her do it. But first, he has to know why she decided to turn back when she was so intent on finding Stefan before. Finally, Elena admits it’s because she didn’t want Damon to get her and yes, she worries about him. The chemistry between them is so strong, even Rick can see it.

Caroline finally appears when we see her chained to a chair in a dungeon. The kicker? Vampire-slayer Bill is her dad.

There’s a lot that could happen here: Damon and Elena are going to end up together at some point during the series. It’s inevitable. Klaus will probably figure out that Elena is still alive—it’s just a matter of when. We’re still missing Bonnie…perhaps she joined “The Secret Circle”? And how Vicki plans on coming back from the dead is anyone’s guess. And just like we were left asking last week: where is Katherine?