After being hurt by Stefan last week, Elena decides that instead of trying to help him, she should probably help herself first. She starts her first day of school with a little bit of physical training with Rick. First lesson of the day: anti-vampire weapons. Rick tells Elena she needs to hit the weights or else it’s hopeless.

On the other hand, Stefan’s day starts with a bloody fun game of Twister, only he feeds on whatever body part the spinner lands on. Klaus left behind Stefan to keep watch over Elena, but he also decided to leave behind Rebecca, who forcibly moves into the Salvatore house. She’s watching over Tyler, who has been acting a lot like his old self. Even worse, he seems to be pro-Klaus. Not okay.

Stefan gets bored at home, probably because all his playthings are dead, and decides to attend school—he is, after all, a senior, even if it’s for the hundredth time. Rebecca also decides to drop in, and Elena and Rick decide that they have to do something before other people get hurt.

Jeremy and Bonnie seem to be having some trouble in paradise. Jeremy says he can’t help that he keeps seeing his dead ex-girlfriends, but Bonnie says that he sees them because he’s thinking about them. But Jeremy’s not the only one who has been seeing ghosts. Ever since Matt semi-died, he’s been able to see Vicki, who’s telling him that she can come back. She tells him that she has a witch on the other side who can help her if Matt performs some ritual. But Jeremy sees and overhears them talking and consults Anna, who says that you can’t upset the balance of nature without a price.

While everyone else is having fun in Mystic Falls, Katherine is stuck trying to wake Michael up. She’s been trying to get him to feed on random animals but nothing is working, so she tries dripping a few drops of human blood into his mouth, which works. Surprisingly, he’s upset, telling her to get it away from him. So far, we’re not impressed with his qualifications on hunting and killing Klaus.

After a run-in with Stefan where he called Elena a human blood bag, she decides to take up on Rick’s advice. Damon walks in on her doing measly bench presses and she explains that she wants to lock Stefan up. It’s not that easy, especially since Stefan’s high on human blood and that he’s been compelled to turn his humanity off. Elena pulls out the “do-it-for-me” card, sealing the deal.

They’re planning on setting up a trap at the school spirit bonfire later that night, but they run into a problem when they realize that Tyler has been “sired,” meaning that he feels loyal to Klaus. Not only does Caroline have to worry about her boyfriend being brainwashed, but it seems like she’s got a little competition coming her way in the form of Barbie-Klaus. When Caroline later confronts Tyler about his behavior, he’s on the defense until he realizes that he needs to check himself if he wants to keep Caroline. They kiss and make up, but as soon as she leaves Rebecca pops up, bringing a snack with her. Tyler tries to resist, but they ultimately end up feeding together. So much for keeping Caroline.

Instead of being normal and hanging out with people at the bonfire, Matt spends his night trying to resurrect his dead sister. He’s successful and it’s a happy family reunion—that is, until Vicki tells him her end of the deal with the witch. She’s only allowed to stay if she helps to “restore the balance” and prevent more hybrids, meaning she can only stay if she kills Elena. When Matt tries to stop her, she knocks him out with a wrench.

Back at the bonfire, Damon’s trying to keep Rebecca busy by turning on his charm. Elena notices from afar, and what? Is that jealousy we detect? We’re not the only ones that notice, as Stefan saunters up to her and teases her—and not in the cute way either. Elena decides she’s had enough and splits, which is rather pointless since Stefan’s on her heels. She winds up on the bleachers, drunk and acting reckless. She climbs on the other side of the rails and pretends to fall off a couple times until she actually does. Of course, Stefan catches her, but surprise, surprise—Rick shoots him with some vervane tranquilizers and they haul him out of there.

When Matt comes to his senses, he calls Bonnie for help, but it might be too late. Vicki spots Elena in Rick’s car and sees a trail of gasoline that leads straight to it. She flicks a cigarette onto the trail, igniting a path to the car. Elena and an unconscious Stefan are trapped in the car. As a last resort, she wakes up Stefan, who kicks down the trunk door and Rick and Elena drag him out of there right before the car explodes. At the same time, Bonnie is performing a spell that blocks Vicki’s source of magic. The spell works, but Vicki is still present because of her connection with Matt, who finally decides he has to let her go.

Jeremy’s still trying to apologize to Bonnie, but Anna continues to drive them apart. She’s always around, meaning he’s always thinking of her, even when he shouldn’t be. He admits that he just can’t stop and they hold hands, which is weird because she’s a ghost but they can feel each other. Just so you know Jeremy, it’s still two-timing if she’s dead.

Later, Stefan asks why Elena didn’t let him die in that car earlier. It’s the same old broken record as she tells him she still has hope. He tells her that makes her pathetic, and she replies my punching and staking him. It’s like they say: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Speaking of women scorned, Katherine’s still stuck with Michael, trying to figure out what the real deal is with him. He apologizes to her about his outburst on human blood and asks her to kindly help remove the chains he’s bounded by. Katherine is puzzled when he says he doesn’t feed on living things, since he’s going to need all the strength he can get to kill Klaus. Little did she know, he meant vampires—and she’s about to be one hell of a meal for him.

Back at home, Damon’s cleaning up Stefan’s mess. He’s picking up pieces of a broken vase that Stefan just knocked over when he’s caught off guard and thrown across the room. But instead of Stefan being the culprit, it’s Mason Lockwood. That’s right—the same werewolf Mason whose heart was ripped out by Damon. Looks like revenge is going to be sweet.