It’s the midseason finale on “The Vampire Diaries” and you know what that means—we’ll be left at the end of the episode with more questions than answers. But before we jump to the end already, let’s start from the beginning.

Stefan makes a call to Klaus, who apparently is in Portland, and tells him that he’s daggered Michael, and he’s not lying because we see an extremely “dead” Michael lying on the floor next to him. Klaus, who’s had no knowledge that Michael was even around Mystic Falls, is obviously agitated over any news of Michael, so he demands the whole story.

Back up one hour—Stefan, Elena, and Damon are figuring out the story of how to lure Klaus back. They plan on saying that Michael tried to take Elena as leverage, so the two brothers vervaned him, which is when they discover that he was in possession of a dagger, which they used to stab him. The only problem, Elena points out, is that Klaus will want proof when told that Michael is dead. Conveniently, Michael walks in with the white oak tree ash and dagger, agreeing with Elena that he must appear dead to Klaus. He is in possession of a dagger made from the wood of the white oak tree, which is fatal to an Original, and has hidden it as insurance that they will later un-dagger him. Elena drives the dagger through Michael’s heart, since a vampire will die if they kill an Original, and they move on with their plan.

Over the phone, Klaus is still skeptical and demands to talk to Rebekah. She confirms the story and tells her brother she misses him and the whole situation prompts him to return. Elena then un-daggers Michael, and they patiently wait for Klaus’s return.

When Michael finally wakes up or revives himself or whatever it is that vampires do when they come back to life, Rebekah is waiting to confront him. She tells him to save the fatherly rubbish he’s thinking of spouting at her because she’s not going to buy it. Michael actually looks remorseful and tells his daughter that she was never the one he was after. All fired up, Rebekah retorts and says that if he’s going after Klaus then he’s also going after her. Turns out, Rebekah’s mad at her dad for turning them into vampires. She blames him for their murderous natures and for destroying their family. Looks like vampires have daddy issues too.

Meanwhile, Elena and Bonnie are hanging out while Elena’s looking for something to wear to the homecoming dance, which, by the way, is tonight. Bonnie’s still nursing her wounds from her break-up with Jeremy, and Elena assumes the best friend responsibility of letting Bonnie know she can talk about it, except Bonnie can’t do it, since Jeremy’s her little brother.

Elena then goes to see Rebekah, who’s already ready for the homecoming dance. We get a glimpse of the humanity in Rebekah, who’s just a girl who’s never gone to a high school dance. Elena and Rebekah bond a little as Elena thanks Rebekah for her help. She gets teary eyed as she thinks about the fact that she has a hand in her brother’s death. To make her feel better, Elena gives Rebekah her mother’s necklace to wear. As Elena helps her put it on, she daggers Rebekah in the back—she can’t leave anything to chance either.

Damon’s helping Elena clean up, or rather, Damon’s cleaning up and Elena is sitting on the bed and trying to justify what she just did. She realizes she’s the weak link and that she could be the one to botch up the plan. However, Damon’s got something else up his sleeve.

The big night finally arrives, but much to Caroline’s dismay, the homecoming dance is cancelled. Unfortunately, the gym has flooded, so to save the day, Tyler moves it to his house. The party is a huge bash—completely packed with a band playing outside. We find out that this is really all Klaus’s doing and that it is, in fact, a wake, not a party.

When Klaus is reunited with Stefan, he explains that now that his father is dead, he plans on awakening and reuniting his family. Klaus wants Stefan to bring Michael to him but Stefan begins to make his own demands. In exchange for a dead Michael and his weapon, Stefan will be granted his freedom.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon and Michael prepare. Michael shows Damon the stake as proof, and it’s one big fancily carved piece of wood. When asked why he feeds on vampires, Michael says that he never intended bloodlust when creating vampires, so he eventually learned to feed off the predator instead of the prey. It’s kind of admirable if you think about it. Stefan walks in and announces that Klaus wants Michael’s dead body, which is a problem. However, Damon and Michael don’t seem to be worried about it since they’ve got a plan—one without Stefan. Michael abruptly attacks Stefan and drains him, and then off they go to the Lockwood mansion.

At the party, Klaus warns Tyler that he’s brought along some of the sired hybrids he created while away. If anyone tries to make a move against Klaus, the hybrids are obligated to attack. Tyler goes to Caroline and demands her to spill the beans, except that she can’t, because she doesn’t actually know that plan. Tyler doesn’t believe her, so like a good boyfriend, he shoots her up with vervane.

Damon realizes what Tyler is up to, what with being sired and all, and the two get into it. Tyler tries to bite Damon so Damon whips out Michael’s stake. He’s about to kill Tyler when Bonnie walks in and stops them both with their magic. Turns out, Damon has the stake since he’s the only one that can get into the house.

Klaus is approached by one of his hybrid followers, who tells him that Michael is here. They meet at the threshold of the door, since Michael can’t come in.  From outside, the hybrids close in on Michael, waiting for Klaus’s cue to pounce. However Michael doesn’t seem scared and reminds Klaus that they may be sired by him but as part vampires, they can still be compelled by Michael. Bet Klaus didn’t see that one coming. On cue, one of his hybrids appears by his side, holding Elena hostage. If Klaus doesn’t come out to face Michael, then Elena dies. Klaus claims he doesn’t care and Michael goes on a tirade about how he’s alone and his only loyal “companions” are those that he has forced. Klaus looks like he’s crying, probably because there’s a lot of truth to what his dad says. He calls Michael’s bluff, but when Michael actually kills her, he’s shocked. Taking advantage of his state, Damon comes up behind him and stakes him for what he’s worth. Behind Michael, Elena gets up, but it’s really Katherine, who isn’t about to stick around to see what’s next. Damon, now on top of Klaus, raises the stake for the final blow when Stefan tackles him off out of nowhere. Klaus uses this momentary advantage and sees the stake lying next to him. He quickly grabs it and kills his father, once and for all. Afterwards, he grants Stefan his freedom, finally releasing him from compulsion.

Caroline wakes up from her vervane-induced slumber and is not happy with Tyler. Even though she admits she wouldn’t have left if she knew about a plan against Klaus, she’s still having a hard time with Tyler being sired by Klaus. Tyler says it’s just who he is and that he can’t change it and that he doesn’t want to either. Caroline comes to terms that she can’t be with him anymore, and they break up. Sort of.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon goes over what happened with Elena. He’s aggravated and angry, and both of them are ultimately confused by why Stefan did what he did. Damon’s temper is getting out of hand so Elena tenderly calms him down, telling him that they’ll survive this. When Damon says that they’re never getting Stefan back, Elena surprisingly responds that they’ll just have to let him go. Does that mean she’s finally over him?

Katherine calls to say goodbye while driving away, but little does everyone know that Stefan is sitting next to her. Turns out, the two had their own separate agenda. When Katherine was pretending to be Elena at the party, Klaus warned her that he’s used Damon as an insurance policy—if Klaus dies so does Damon. Katherine goes to Stefan after he recovers from Michael’s attack and she tells him about Klaus’s plan. In order to save his brother, Katherine says that Stefan has to care enough to do something, and he did.

Back in the car, Katherine talks humanity with Stefan. He doesn’t want to let it all back in, not after everything that he’s done. He may not want to, but Katherine needs him to so he can get mad. We can only guess what the next part of Katherine’s never-ending plan is.

Klaus is walking to his U-Haul, presumably so he can wake up the family that he has killed over the years when Stefan calls. Stefan tells him that his freedom came at too high a price, and now it’s time for revenge. Klaus opens the door to find that Stefan has cleared out all the coffins, and needless to say, Klaus is royally pissed.

Michael’s chapter in “The Vampire Diaries” may be closed, but the next half of the season opens up a completely new one. The only problem I have with what happened with Stefan stopping Damon. Klaus may have given orders to his hybrids to kill Damon if he is compromised, but Michael compelled the vampires to follow his orders, so doesn’t that negate whatever Klaus told them to do? Nevertheless, until next time (which is Jan. 5…I’m sure some of us are already counting down the days)!

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