It’s obvious by this point that Rebekah is done being a vampire. She wants the cure to experience life as a human. (She wants Matt after all).

But did we have to suffer through a boring Breakfast Club-esque episode to set up the ending where she and Stefan will partner together to find it? (By the way, this is my theory that Rebekah wants to be a human again. She claims that she wants the cure just to turn Klaus into a human to watch him die).

Put aside the exposition dump to remind us what’s happened thus far in the season that happens in those scenes and a lot actually happened in last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Stefan learns that Elena loves Damon.

Klaus is willing to turn any human into a vampire so that Jeremy has more to kill—thereby activating his mark. (The image that closes the episode is haunting as newly made vampires start to transition in a bar and Jeremy realizes he’s going to have to kill them all while Damon and Klaus watch).

April becomes a real character! She almost dies when Bonnie mistakenly links her life with Professor Shane’s – to keep him alive from the torture Kohl puts him through – but is brought back to life with vampire blood. She’s now in on the secret and knows something fishy went down when her father committed suicide.

And Bonnie’s father returns to town to take over as mayor. He and Sheriff Forbes are being later by April that something strange surrounded her father’s death.

The teams are now formed and everyone’s after the same thing: the cure. While the episode mostly consists of characters telling us what we already know, it still serves as a great mid-season premiere because it so subtly and not-so-subtly sets up the remainder of the season. A treasure hunt is always a great way to structure a season. Not only so we can follow the journey, but so we can try and predict what happens once it’s found.