Jeremy doesn’t come back to life by the end of this past week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries – far from it in fact – but we learn that not only is it possible for him to come back, but a LOT of characters we lost over the years could come back. Including many that we wouldn’t want to see return.

The episode opens with Elena cradling Jeremy's body, praying the ring brings him back. Stefan brings Damon up to speed—including reminding him that Jeremy was one of The Five and therefore supernatural, meaning the ring won't work anymore. Elena and Stefan return home with Jeremy's body and Elena puts him back in his bed.

Damon remains on the island, however, when he's confronted by Rebekah demanding to know where the cure is.

Meanwhile, Bonnie awakens and Shane approaches her. There's blood on his pants leg, but he claims he was healed by Silas. Shane tells her that Silas killed Jeremy.

Back at the Gilbert house, Caroline figures out Stefan's plan—Damon will use the sire bond to make Elena accept Jeremy's death. Elena enters, however, and says she still think he'll be OK because his tattoo is gone and perhaps his supernatural destiny is dead. "There is absolutely no way my brother is dead," she says. "I'm not in denial."

Caroline calls Tyler and leaves him a voicemail that she needs to talk to him. Stefan joins her on the porch and they realize they can now smell Jeremy's body. He's starting to decompose. Stefan suggests Caroline ask her mom to ask Dr. Fell to come over. (Dr. Fell hasn’t been seen in a long time this season. It sort of makes no sense that she hasn’t been involved in what’s been going on since Alaric is gone.)

On the island, Damon is followed by Rebekah while he's looking for Bonnie when Vaughn shoots an arrow into Rebekah's back. Damon confronts him and they start to fight.

Bonnie, meanwhile, starts to flip out over Jeremy's death and Shane has to calm her down. He tries to tell her that Silas is going to bring everyone back.

Dr. Fell arrives to check Jeremy's vitals. Elena is still believing he'll be fine, though she's concerned because Alaric went crazy after coming back a few times with the help of the ring. Dr. Fell tells her the loss of blood and neck break killed him, but Elena is refusing to believe. Elena starts screaming for someone to bring her Bonnie when Matt arrives. He tries to convince her to leave.

Damon has a knife in Vaughn's neck, but he warns him not to kill him—unless he's not afraid of being cursed afterwards. He also learns Katherine helped bring Vaughn to the island.

Elsewhere on the island, Shane and Bonnie are walking through the woods. Shane tells Bonnie that the three massacres of twelve leaves power in the Earth that Bonnie can tap into. Shane tells Bonnie she needs to help him commit another massacre so they can bring Jeremy and everyone back.

Bonnie starts to run away, but she trips over a dying Jeremy.  She uses her magic to try and bring him back when she realizes it was a hallucination. Bonnie then tells Shane she'll do whatever it takes to bring Jeremy back.

Stefan calls Damon home and he's about to leave when Bonnie shows up. She tells Damon she knows how to bring Jeremy back.

Matt takes Elena to a spot in town where there is graffiti with his sister Vicki's name on it, as well as a love note from Jeremy for him and Vicki. Matt tells her, "Sometimes not being willing to accept someone is gone... is maybe they're not. Not completely ... I'd tell you it's ok to have hope, because sometimes that's all that keeps me going."

Stefan calls Elena with the news that Bonnie might be able to help and she's overjoyed by it. Caroline calls Tyler again and leaves another voicemail when Bonnie and Damon arrive.

We then flashback to the island and see what Shane told Bonnie to do. While she relays it to Caroline and Elena, Damon warns Stefan about what she's planning.

Shane told Bonnie that Ketzia created a purgatory so that if Silas took the cure to die, that's where he would go. The three hotspots created by the massacres can be activated to drop that veil—meaning yes, everyone comes back, but so does EVERYTHING else trapped over there—hence Damon's concern.

Caroline tells Bonnie she's crazy while Elena sits there and listens to it. Elena then gets a call from April who claims she's been calling Jeremy and he's not answering. Elena tells her that he's dead—the first time she's admitted that. (And oh yeah… April ALSO still exists. The show seemed to forget about her too.)

Elena goes up to Jeremy's room and pulls back the cover over his body. She starts to shake as she realizes how dead he really is. Elena asks Damon to bring the body downstairs and onto the couch. Elena starts freaking out and decides to burn down the house with Jeremy in it—as both a cover story and because she can't deal with it anymore.

Elena starts to see through to Bonnie’s line of thinking. She tries to convince Damon that if they go through with it, he’ll get his friend Alaric back. She takes Jeremy's ring off and throws it to Damon. (I have to imagine that ring will come into play at some point again in the show.)

She lights the match and starts screaming. She drops the match but Damon catches it in time. Elena falls to the ground, crying. Stefan looks to Damon to use the sire bond. He cradles her and tells her he can help her. He tells her, "Turn it off. Just turn it off." (In other words, turn off her humanity.) But that's not what Stefan wanted.

Caroline leaves a third voicemail for Tyler. She finally tells him about Jeremy's death and that she needs him.

Shane confronts Bonnie outside the Gilbert house. Bonnie confronts Shane about actually dropping the veil—he confesses that the twelve humans that crossed over will not return: only the supernatural beings will. But Alaric and Jeremy should still be included in that, right?

Rebekah stumbles upon a body on the island. Shane's. He grabs Bonnie's leg and says a word: "Silas." So Silas is really in Shane’s body then?

Matt has a breakdown in his car—likely over what memories he had to drudge up in talking to Elena. Drudging up the old memories of his sister for Elena’s benefit have had a bad reaction on him.

Stefan confronts Damon about what he did. Damon says he'll use the sire bond to bring it back when she's ready. "She lost her brother," Damon says, "I'm not enough. Not this time." Stefan admits they're been fighting a lot these days, but Damon stops him before he can say what he feels. (Sometimes I wonder if this show is really a love story between two brothers more than the triangle with Elena.)

Damon and Stefan walk in when Elena has lit another match. They warn her that she'll regret it when she might want to come home one day. "I won't," she says.

We see all the items burn, including Elena's old diary—yet another thing we all seemed to forget about even after its importance at the beginning of the series. And that, of course, was the point.