If we know there’s going to be an Originals spin-off, does that mean we should assume Kol will be safe and Jeremy won’t succeed in killing him? Either way, a bit of unfortunate timing by The CW in their press announcement takes the sting out of what should have been a thrilling ending.

Of course, with a show that runs through plot like no other, we couldn’t spend an entire season waiting for Jeremy’s tattoo to grow and lead them to the cure (and Silas). So killing an Original will finish the job a lot quicker since any vampire sired by his or her descendants will die as well.

Plus, everyone has good reason to want to kill this particular Original since Kol’s not likely to end Damon’s compulsion to kill Jeremy. Damon was able to realize he was compelled because of his love for Elena, but wasn’t able to overcome it completely. (Which would be a cheat as we’ve seen on the show how compulsion is absolute unless verveine is involved.)

In the meantime, the only thing that is able to stop Damon from killing Jeremy – since Jeremy was unable or possibly unwilling to kill him – is Stefan breaking his back and locking him in the basement, just as he did in season 1. Stefan makes it quite clear to Elena as well that is has nothing to do with him still having feelings for her—in fact, he tells her he’s no longer in love with her.

(Leaving him free to have sex with Rebekah who was basically egging him on all episode about it.)

Shane, meanwhile, is also locked up. He’s arrested by Bonnie’s father and the Sheriff. Bonnie almost kills him while in custody in a fit of rage, but she also learns that all the deaths in the premiere this season, at least according to Shane, will be undone when Silas comes back.

Kol is the only one to truly fear Silas—perhaps with good reason. While we can safely assume one of the three teams vying for the cure is likely to get to its supposed location, we shouldn’t assume it’s real since the Sun and the Moon curse was fake. In fact, it’s likely a lie to help get Silas freed.

We’ll probably find out in just a few weeks which team gets there first…