Fans that had been waiting years/seasons for Damon and Elena to hook up, were probably pretty damn happy by the turn of events in the last episode of The Vampire Diaries. (I know one friend for sure.)

But at the same time, the dance, the kiss and the sex… was it even Elena’s choice? Apparently not, as Caroline and Stefan are speculating that just as Tyler was sired to Klaus, Elena may now be sired to Damon.

While that twist comes out of nowhere, it makes a lot of sense and explains Elena’s actions this season.

At the same time, it does seem to put aside the feelings human Elena was starting to feel for Damon last season. Of course, it could all just be an excuse for Stefan. He may want Elena to be sire bonded to Damon, because if she truly fell for him, it would be emotionally devastating for him.

“My Brother’s Keeper” was a packed episode that also saw just how far Stefan would go to turn Elena back into a human. He actually creates a vampire – albeit, one from an unrepentant murderer – so Jeremy will have one to kill in order to continue growing the tattoo that will lead to that cure.

That kill seems to have awakened some bloodlust for killing vampires in Jeremy that almost led to him killing his own sister, Elena. While she manages to survive it, it will be interesting to see if Jeremy won’t be able to stop himself with some other vampire friend in the ground.

Like Caroline. Who allows Stefan to move in with her. With Tyler pretending not to be with her anymore, will a “more than friends” vibe spark between Stefan and Caroline? It’s a pairing that would have been unthinkable in the first season, but now seems awfully plausible.

(Matt also moves in with Jeremy. And Elena moves into the Salvatore house.)

After a very lackluster episode before Thanksgiving, the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries pays off a number of simmering plotlines, while also laying the groundwork for how the next couple episodes—if not the season—will appear to play out.

(Even if pageant winner April still really seems to serve no purpose.)