Last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a bit of a mixed bag. A lot happened—but not a lot of it was good. So I won’t waste your time with the usual full recap.

After killing Connor the vampire hunter, Elena suffered from terrible hallucinations—all designed to drive her to suicide. When Klaus killed his own hunter in the past, he suffered for decades from similar hallucinations. Clearly Elena wouldn’t last that long.

The only way the hallucinations would stop was if a potential hunter came into his own and took Connor’s place. That would be Jeremy of course.

To do that, he had to kill a vampire or hybrid now that he had been declared a potential. He offered to kill Damon (jokingly but also eagerly), but instead, wound up killing a friend of Tyler’s which was incredibly baffling (don’t Damon and Stefan know how pissed Tyler will be at them?) and unsatisfying since we barely knew the guy he killed and were supposed to care.

At the very least, Jeremy’s plot-line might wind up being one of the most compelling this season since he’s going to need a lot of vampire kills to finish his mystical tattoo that leads to the cure.

In other news, Stefan and Elena broke up. And Caroline agreed to go on a date with Klaus to allow that hybrid to have been killed by Jeremy. Yes. Someone’s life was bartered for over a date.

Come on Vampire Diaries… you can do better than that.