When you can start predicting where storylines are going on The Vampire Diaries, it’s rarely a good thing. The show is never better than when insane things start to happen that you never could see coming.

Of course Connor would die eventually and Jeremy would start growing his own hunter’s tattoo. That should have been a shocking turn of events, but when Elena glowered at Connor, I knew he was a dead man. The second Elena killed him, I said, “I wonder when Jeremy’s getting his tattoo.”

Though I figured it would happen a few weeks from now. Not immediately. Because… what vampire did Jeremy actually kill this week? I thought the tattoo only grew as you killed vampires. It seems like they retconned that a little bit to have the shocker of Jeremy developing one right after Connor dies.

Sidenote: I think they killed Connor way too soon. He was a great villain and they should have let him linger for at least half the season. But if you’re a guest star and your name isn’t Alaric, Klaus, Rebekah or Elijiah… you don’t tend to last very long on The Vampire Diaries.

(This probably doesn’t bode well for April either who appears to be nothing more than a hostage victim when needed so far. We’re five episodes in this new season and she’s been a hostage twice.)

The idea of Klaus and Stefan working together to find the cure to vampirism—so Stefan doesn’t need to see Elena suffer as a vampire anymore and so Klaus can get her human doppleganger blood to make more hybrids is interesting, but shouldn’t Stefan be concerned for Elena’s safety if she becomes a human again and has to deal with more hybrids? Stefan really hasn’t thought this one through.

(Plus, I’m pretty sure Elena is going to be insanely angry when she finds out Stefan made this deal without telling her.)

Elena as an angry vampire who uses that anger to protect her family is dramatically interesting and there’s probably a lot more mileage there. Her scenes made this mostly meandering episode pop and the fall-out from her murder of Connor will probably linger for a few weeks.

Hopefully the next death on this show – because there’s always another one around the corner – is a bit more shocking and less predictable.

Other quick thoughts:

- Love the teacher manipulating Bonnie. Not sure I love the performance though. Remains to be seen. (I wasn’t sold on Elijiah at first either.)

- Since Jeremy is the only one who can see Hunter’s Marks… we’ll have to assume none of his friends or Elena will realize he has it until another hunter comes to town. (Another member of The Five perhaps? Or is Jeremy now considered to be a member of The Five now?)

- So did Tyler actually sleep with Hayley? I actually somewhat believed him when he was talking to Caroline. At the same time… I kind of didn’t care. Since if he did it happened of screen—and that’s never a good dramatic idea.