“You’re one of The Five.”

With his father and mother long dead, it would have appeared that Klaus had no one left to fear. But clearly, he fears, or is at the very least, concerned about The Five. And Connor apparently, is one of them.

Connor will stop at nothing to defeat who he views as his enemy. He extracts werewolf venom directly from Tyler – without, oddly, stopping to kill him afterwards – while he’s in the hospital that he uses to poison the drinks at Rebekah’s party. Since she’s an Original, she’s able to survive the poison, though like others, has haunting hallucinations.

(One of which was to kill Matt, who she clearly loves, or at least has feelings from.)

Nobody, of course, really likes Rebekah. She winds up bringing out the worst in vampire Elena—she wants to kill her. Stefan luckily reminds her that if Elena does, anyone sired by Rebekah also will die.

To extricate her from the situation, Stefan takes Elena on a bike ride where she gets to unwind… if only for a minute.

While Stefan and Elena are, let’s just say, goofing off, Damon is actually working on a way to stop Connor. He almost dies in a trap in Connor’s RV and Dr. Fell has to come rescue him. Damon uses that trap later on against Connor when Klaus of all people offers to help.

Klaus and Damon make a good team and they’re likely poised to maintain that partnership since Klaus realizes Connor is one of The Five. Oddly though, Connor doesn’t even know of his apparent importance.

Which means—does everyone else who’s one of The Five… know that they are?

Connor partners with Jeremy throughout most of the episode. Jeremy can see the tattoos on Connor’s arm, which he refers to as a Hunter’s Mark. Only hunters or potential hunters can see them.

Jeremy seemingly enjoys assisting Connor during the episode, though it turned out to be a ruse. While he ratted out Dr. Fell for hoarding vampire blood, that lie was used to lure Connor into Damon and Klaus’ trap at the hospital. How much truth was Jeremy displaying in wanting to stop the vampires in town? And where the did lies begin?

“I told you I could be a badass.” – Jeremy

“Badasses don’t say that.” – Damon

While Connor survives the explosion at the hospital, he is now the prisoner of Klaus who wants to talk more about The Five.

Could Jeremy also be a part of The Five since he can see the tattoo? And who are the remaining members? We’ll probably learn a lot more in coming episodes…

A slower episode, with a lot less action and drama compared to last week’s incredible outing, but this week’s episode is clearly meant to further some plotlines that will pay off in the weeks to come.

Other thoughts:

- Loved some of the call-outs to earlier episodes like being in Alaric’s classroom for the first time since his death. Or Elena drinking from Matt at a place that used to be their old make-out location. (Remember when they were actually a couple?)

- The conversation between Caroline and Stefan was one of the best the show has ever done. You forget sometimes that they’re actually friends. And how much of a better person (and character) Caroline has become since she became a vampire.

- Not surprisingly, Tyler cheated on Caroline with this girl Hayley while he was away, trying to break the sire bound with Klaus. Once that’s found out… Caroline is really not going to be happy.