Clearly Max and his mother are not close. When he calls to tell her he needs her signature to sell the family business, we find out she has psychological issues of her own, and is not fond of Tara. Tara’s got other issues, though, because she’s trying to organize Charmaine’s slightly pornographic baby shower – without very many guests. Plus, she’s about to be minus one child, as 19 year old Kate is leaving for Japan in the morning, to teach English as a second language.

The darling daughter is secretly planning an early getaway before mother, father, brother or aunt are awake, and she’s written a ‘one size fits all’ note for them all to enjoy in the morning. Enjoyment might not be the word the family chooses, but it’s what they’ve got.

At the airport, Kate is eager and ready to start her new adventure.  Unfortunately, the news breaks that Osaka has just been hit by a massive earthquake. Whoops! Kate returns home to see if any cities still need a teacher, as Osaka can’t accommodate her for at least a month. Kate finally finds another city that will hire her on, and she’ll be leaving in the morning.

Tara and Charmaine have a meeting with their transsexual baby shower party person, Mike/Michelle. Each seems to have their own agenda. Charmaine thinks there will be 30 attending, while Tara says, more like 10. And Tara’s got exams to tend to. And Michelle has been living as a woman for over a year, so can the “Mike!” As Tara is bombarded with the information for the baby shower, she transitions into ‘Alice’, super housewife. Alice is not at all impressed with Tara’s email handling of the invitations. As Charmaine and Alice talk, Alice reveals that the internal characters in Tara‘s life have always understood that, when Tara needs a break from reality, they will appear to carry the load. Alice is curiously non-maternal about either Kate, or Charmaine’s kicking belly. Alice disappears when she touches Charmaine’s enormous stomach, and Tara reappears.

Later, Charmaine complains that they invited 53 people, but only 6 are coming to the party. With only 3 weeks until she’s scheduled to give birth, things aren’t looking all that happy for Charmaine.

Max tries to deliver the papers for his mother to sign. We learn that she doesn’t answer the door, or leave the house. When he forces his way in, it turns out that Mom is a hoarder.

Tara arrives home from school, exhausted. As soon as she lies on the bed, Buck emerges. He drives to the home of another suspected brother, but he’s wrong again.

The next morning, Tara, in Buck’s clothing, has handfuls of money to pass on to Kate. Buck won big at the Reservation. Kate is again preparing to leave for the airport. Max says that a note from Buck would have been nice, as he’s again had an anxious night. Kate meets an airline stewardess, who relates to Kate’s escape from small town Kansas, and warns Kate that Negata, where she is headed, should only be a way stop on the way back to Tokyo. As Kate lines up to board the plane, she becomes afraid of what lies ahead, and runs back home.

Max returns to his mother’s house with Marshall. Attempting to clear out the hoarded office, Max discovers a cat in the mess. Marshall sits with Max’s mother in a room entirely dedicated to Christmas, dancing trees, flashing lights and all. Grandma Sandy doesn’t seem to have any problem with Maxwell being gay.  Marshall then asks Max about the band ‘Beaver Land’ that Max fronted in the 90’s. Max is not forthcoming. Marshall finds a present that was for Max’s dad. It’s one of the many rubber duckies that scatter the house.

Tara, attempting to buy the necessaries for Charmaine’s party, has to contend with Charmaine’s depressive outlook on the future. Tara talks down Charmaine, and sends her off on her way to the produce section. But left alone, Tara reaches for an alcoholic beverage, downs it, and transitions into T. Charmaine tries to stop T from absconding with the family vehicle, but T is in full anger mode. Suddenly, Charmaine’s water breaks, just as T reverses sharply – into another driver’s car.