Life after Sex and the City hasn’t been so bad for Sarah Jessica Parker. In addition to raising her son, the actress has continued to work and stars in the upcoming film The Family Stone. The movie centers on a girl named Julie (Claire Danes) who asks her sister (Parker) to help smooth things over when she visits her boyfriend’s not-so-welcoming family over Christmas.

The Family Stone is just the latest in a series of projects Parker has been tackling since she began acting. Parker has been performing since she was a young girl, and she even helped support her family by appearing in theater productions. In the early 1980s she gained recognition for her nerdy role in the TV series Square Pegs. She also appeared in the films Footloose and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Later, after working on a couple of TV shows, Parker returned to film with L.A. Story (1991), Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), and Ed Wood (1994). She followed these up with Miami Rhapsody (1995), The First Wives Club (1996), and Mars Attacks! (1996)

But what put Parker on the map was her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the highly successful HBO series Sex and the City. The show was a huge hit among both critics and viewers, and Parker won three Golden Globe Awards for her performance as a single girl in New York City. One Starpulse member states, “she’s got a style of her own, and does her own thing.” It appears Parker will be doing her own thing for quite some time. She has several films in the works, including Strangers With Candy, Failure to Launch, and Spinning Into Butter. The actress is married to Matthew Broderick.

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