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George W. Bush celebrates Arizona State University's Track & Field team by flashing gang signs with them. Oh, nevermind, it's just 'the shocker.' - White

Kate Beckinsale. - Bastardly

What if every famous person got what they deserved? - Cracked

That Christian Slater show that seven people watched? Yeah, it's been canceled. - Futon Critc

Quote of the day:

44 upcoming movie sequels you probably didn't know about - Den of Geek

Dave Barry says we all need to drink more martinis. - Miami Herald

Who is Scooter Smiff?

Carmen Electra and her man-hands to pose nude for Playboy again - Celebrity Smack

Carrie Underwood is gorgeous in these pics from last night's CMA Awards - Pop on the Pop

Even the country music community thinks Jessica Simpson's attempt at a reverse crossover sucks - Superficial

"Coming soon to an empty theater near you..." (Seriously, they're making this?) - Agent Bedhead

Ever wonder what would happen if the High Times editorial office ran out of, umm, 'supplies'? - College Humor

Gay couples start marrying in Connecticut, California still SOL. - Associated Press

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