Ever since the popularity of YouTube exploded, we have had a yearly crop of celebrities created solely by their viral videos posted to the website. Here are the top viral videos of 2010.

Antoine Dodson: This video was found by an eagle-eyed viewer watching his local news. Antoine's flamboyant movements and amusing statements ("Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife,") made the video a hit. Then Auto-Tune The News stepped in, and made him a star with their "Bed Intruder" song.

Greyson Chance: An innocuous video of a kid playing piano at a talent show turned said child into a star. Playing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi, he wowed Ellen Degeneres with his voice - and she later offered him a record contract.

Pants on the Ground: Larry Platt was allowed to see the American Idol judges despite not being within the show's age limits. He sang his original song "Pants on the Ground," and a star was made - for a little while at least. Platt has yet to produce anything else of note, but Brett Favre sang his song on TV once - so  he's got that going for him.

What your man could smell like: This Super Bowl commercial started another round of rediculous Old Spice commericals this year and made a name for Isaiah Mustafa.

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