Unscripted TV has yet again given us some of the most talked-about moments this year. Here are the Top Reality TV Moments of 2010:

Boom, Headshot! It seemed like a relatively harmless Amazing Race challenge at the time: launch watermelons with a giant slingshot and try to hit stationary targets. Unfortunately for Claire Champlin of the Home Shopping Network team, she inadvertently made herself one of the targets. A watermelon to the noggin is never a good thing.

Just Dance! Kate Gosselin wanted to make a statement on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately for her, the only statement she made to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi was that she couldn't dance.

And You Are? The Top Chef contestants lined up for their next challenge and were greeted by none other than Joe Jonas. While a few of the chefs grinned with the prospect of meeting the star, at least one was perplexed. Said Chef Dale, "I thought he was a pastry chef or something." 


Watching A Train-Wreck. It probably isn't a good idea to clear the air with an ex on TV. However, that's exactly what Bachelor "winners" Jake and Vienna did on a special episode. They sat down with the host and tried to have a frank conversation about their relationship. What we got instead was yelling, tears, and Vienna storming out.

What was your favorite reality TV moment this year?